Running Gear and Low Libido/ED

Hey all, I running a Test Mix(basically Sus) 365mg and Test-C twice a week ims. Test Mix 1cc then 4 days later 1/2-3/4 cc Test-C. Everyone that I have spoken to said I should be raging and put my junk through a wall type of libido.

But I’m not, and even worse having e.d. which I’ve never had EVER. My wife is like “why get built if you’re having e.d. probs”. So that’s fucking with me.

What should I look for on labs to be out of whack? My E2 was @ 35 which slightly higher than what most ppl say(mid 20’s), but from what I know this shouldn’t be causing this.
I’m not looking for ppl to light me up on here, I’m looking for honest help, please any advice is greatly appreciated. Tia

How many weeks have you been on for? Just to clarify, you’re experience low libido AND trouble keeping an erection? The two can be different.

Are you currently taking an AI?

I would definitely get labs checked. E2, prolactin, FT, TT.

Have you run cycles before or is the a first for you? What’s the dose on the Test C? You’re doing both twice a week or the Mix once a week and the test C once a week?

I started with “trt” about 2 months ago. My dr thought it smart to do 1cc per month of cyp…hilarious I know. So I took my own health over. I decided since I was running test to get my mass back from when I used to lift.

I started 1cc cyp a week and dbol 50mg a day. I evently(about 3wks in lowered dbol to 30mg). Ran that gear for 3 more wks. I then added sus 1cc per week, 4 days later cyp 1/2-3/4cc. I am only running the sus & cyp in the above dosage. My E2 was 39, the others I don’t know cuz when I asked my dr for labs I thought the main concern wld be E2.
My libido is basically non existant…and have e.d. which I never had before…ever. The e.d. fluctuates from hard to semi to can’t get up. I thought maybe b.p. so I started a b.p. med…just so fucked up feeling.

I literally started this because I felt like shit, depressed not interested in sex yada yada. Now I’m feeling similarly.

Yes I’ve done gear before. Similar to above but eth 1cc w/50mg dbol as a starter and was normal, meaning horny as hell, cut rock for hours and no issues. You know, if the wind blew right I was standing up.

Someone mentioned dht is high possibly on a facebook group. Idk

You’re referencing volume of injected oil, not the dosage. How many MG per CC is each of what you are taking.

Part of your problem is you’re a mess with all the shit you’re taking. You started TRT because you had low libido. So nothing has really changed or gotten worse. Now you’ve only added multiple compounds to your system, without knowing what is causing what.

I’m not a TRT guy, however I think most guys suggest waiting a full year before adding compounds or bumping up the test levels. You’re recklessly adding multiple compounds to feel better, when you don’t need to. A standard TRT dose SHOULD help with your problems, but you need to give it time, and dial in and ACTUAL TRT dose before blasting.

Stop the DBol, stop the Mix. Hopefully someone here can give suggestions on TRT doses if you’re trying to self medicate. Maybe 200mg weekly split into 2 injections (100mg twice a week) would be a good start. Although even that may be high? Stick with something for a month, monitor bloods, adjust accordingly.

Are you using an AI?
When did you last measure your E2?
You are trying to self medicate with Test, but have not had your test levels measured. This is a losing battle.


Dude I’m not even bothering reading the whole post. You shouldn’t be self administering drugs when you don’t even know how to list a dosage. Find a doc to do proper TRT.


I mispoke and the admins didn’t approve my reply. What I love is how some ppl just have to be asses when someone is asking legit questions…way to go. So I mispoke, so I said something boofucking hoo. If you don’t want to add something helpful then go then

My natty test was 297 which is why I started trt. That’s obviously low. I didnt have e.d. just low libido/little interest and depression badly.

I have stopped dbol as I mentioned above. The reason I went for higher dosages is I was trying to get my size back after a long lay off for back probs

Test Mix 325mg/ml(basically sus w/prop, phenyl, cyp, deca)
Test-C 200mg/ml

So I’m at roughly 425mg of test a week, as I do test mix on thurs 1cc/325mg and test-c 1/2cc/100mg on Mon

You want help… post your entire labs. Taken at the same time… after running a pct and ceasing all drugs for at least 6 weeks. test TT, FT, FSH, LH, E2, SHBG, DHT, Prolactin…

When I started TRT my libido diminished until I found the right dose/protocol for me and even then it took about 3 months on the same dose before libido came back. Now it’s great. Libido takes time for some folks and if you aren’t on a set dose for an extended period of time it could explain why you don’t have it. Personally my libido is higher on 200mg/week after 3 months than it is during a 12 week cycle of 500mg/week.

My E2 on 200mg is 80 (8-35).

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When was this? At what point in your new dosing protocol was that measured?