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Running For House of Representatives


How does one go about nominating themself to run for the House of Representatives?


or any local positions?



Expect to have to prove to the party who's ticket you want to run on that you can raise a couple million dollars, by already having raised a million or so, if not put in your own money.

I doubt the article mentions the sale of your soul, morals, ethics and the additional likelihood that you will blow up into a narcissist whom can't help but cheat on his wife over and over again with interns that save the cum you spray on them for future fame...



LA City Councilman sued by former aide for harassment.


2 San Bernardino City Councilmen face charges of identity theft and stalking.


Husband of Montebello Mayor arrested on suspicion of selling meth.


All of that^ is just in today's paper.


Call 9/11 and tell them you are having thoughts of being a politician. If you get attention quickly you may end up being ok. I pray you make it through this and can get rid of these political thoughts in your head.


Well done sir.