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Running for Boxing?

Coach insists he wants me running 5k every other day on my off days coming up to my fight in 4 weeks, ive heard mixed opinions on running n how sprints, and HIIT etc are alot better for boxing also i have a knee injury that often flares up when running. Do i stick to my coaches advice or am i better off going to the gym and doing something different. I need to get fit fast as its only 4 weeks away and i have some work to do on my cardio whats a better workout than running if there are better ones

Probably not the response you’re looking for, but isn’t the point of boxing not having to run away? :laughing:

From whom? Actual boxers or internet experts?

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There are reasons for doing both hiit and slow steady state.

Slow steady state will build an aerobic base. It’s also MUCH easier to recover from.

HIIT will build both anaerobic and aerobic fitness. But takes a lot more out of you.

My theory:
If you’re coach feels you’re already quite fit and you’re working hard in the gym, the 5k (which is not that far TBH) might just be a record very run.
Have the conversation with him. Ask him out right. Most boxing coaches are savvy enough to know hill sprints are more worth while than basic jogging.

Just so I know what is your fitness like and what’s the rest of your training week like?

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It worked for Rocky!


Stop getting coaching from a coach you don’t trust. You are wasting each other’s time.


Must be the same coach.

Jumping rope seems to be a common one among boxers.

That’s a very good reason not to do something that is not part of the sport at all.

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Some easy cardio on “off” days can improve overall recovery. How long does a 5k take you?

This is the biggest red flag more than anything else. If running increases your risk of injury, you don’t fucking run. Especially right before a fight. After the fight (or long, long before the fight), you figure out what’s causing the problem and fix it. But you don’t deliberately do stuff that’s going to make it worse.

If you’re 4 weeks out from a fight and not “fit”, I’ve got a bad feeling.

Depends on your overall plan - lifting routine, any other cardio, skill work, bag work, sparring, etc. Also your actual immediate needs - does your conditioning/gas tank need work, are you carrying too much fat, etc.


Thank you for saying it.

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If it hurts your knee to run

Speed walking
Treading water or kicking with a kickboard
Maybe Mountain Climbers or Burpees
Incline walking on treadmill - don’t hyperextend your toes

I would add: see a doctor.

5k is nothing and there is not injury that should you stop you do this. Mix it with walking. If you are not able to do a 5k you should not fight.

Still if you insist not doing 5ks you can condition on the heavy bag and jump rope, combined whith shadow boxing.

5k should be doable in worsth case scenario in 40 mins. Thus you can make 5 rounds of heavy bag+ rest 1 min+ jump rope + rest 1 min + shadow boxing. And since the fight is close do not go heavy on the heavy bag, but go heavy on the shadow boxing.

After the fight please build your conditioning on the road and the heavy bag with hard work on the bag.

5k = 3miles (ish)
Average walking pace is 4mph.
3 mile in 40mins is a fast walk.

If the OP can’t complete a 5k run in under 40mins then I 100% agree, they should be avoiding the ring.

I have some experience boxing, though just training and sparring. The reason for “road work”, which is like a 5K every other day, is to build your endurance base without talking away from your training. That’s why it’s not HIIT, or a marathon. It should be about 25 minutes of moderate cardio to complete a 5K. Not much to do every other day.

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Its hard getting used to US metric. I was thinking he is talking about 5 miles. Well 5 km is like … a warm up? No one should be complaining about it. His coach is right.

But he has an injured knee and running irritates it, is that not a concern?

x2 with Chris don’t piss off your knee before a fight.
Do pretty much any other form of cardio conditioning work -bike, swimming, kettlebell complexes, whatever. If hes old-school, maybe long skipping session?
On your own i’d spend some time doing mobility and stretching and make sure glutes firing etc for your knee health as well.
Perfect world get some quality therapy like ART or graston

This good tips also…

I am omitting the knee injury from the evaluation.

If the knee is painful to run in then he should be doing 0 running. There are loads of other ways to get fit without running.

When I was boxing i did 5k a day. At a staggered pace. The thought was steady state cardio with spikes and bursts throughout, similar to a round. It helped, but sparing is most important. People think they’re in good shape until they actual get in the ring and can’t breath after 30 seconds.

Have you told your coach about your knee discomfort?