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Running First Cycle Advice Please


Really excited to start my first cycle have done lots of reading and have read the stickies here hopefully i dont have a huge fail on my cycle plan so heres the plan so far

500mg / wk Test-e 250mg shot on mon and thurs weeks 1-10
Dbol 30mg/day weeks 1-4
Nolva weeks 12-16 40/40/20/20

I wanted to run either adex or aromasin but i havent been able to get my hands on any is there anyway this cycle will be ok with out an AI. also want to make sure my pct is ok and starting on the right week.

Sorry for my horrible spelling.


Definitely not a huge fail. Post some of your stats and it'd be a great first post.

Type in 'research lab anastrozole' and you should be able to get your hands on some arimidex. However, it will most likely be underdosed, so be sure to keep an eye on high/low estrogen symptoms. I would NOT run a test/dbol cycle without an AI at the very least on hand.

I would also frontload the test with a first shot of ~600mg and leave the dbol for the end of the cycle while your test E is clearing. ie:

1-10 test e, 500mg wk
6-12 dbol, 30mg day
13-16 nolva pct
1-12 adex at a comfortable dose (figure .25mg day, but keep in mind about research lab underdosing)


Just to emphasize what rrjc said: Don't run the cycle without an AI. You can get adex. Looks good otherwise.


My source does have letro he said if i choose to use letro to run it at .25ui a day. I have heard on a different forum that letro might be to strong and i should just get some adex instead.Also i wanted to make sure i understand what front loading is. Does this mean i would just run the first shot at 600mg. and then run the rest of them at 250 twice a week. after this.

So From my understanding it would look like Mon first shot 600mg thurs 250 and then mon 250 etc untill week ten. and then run the dbol on the back half at weeks 6-12 and start nolva right after dbol at week 13. Oh and my stats are 5"8 190lbs 11%bf been training seriously for about 3.5 years. Diet usually cosists of close to 3500 kcals a day try to get my macros at 40/40/20. Ill try and post some pics up tonight.


I would say yes, the letro is overkill. This is based on all of my research, not experimental. Adex seems to be the best choice since it reduces E by around 50%.


Eliasmavs, my love, you are so silly. The extent to which adex lowers estrogen would be dependent upon the dose, sweetiepumpkin. I would go letro starting at 0.15-0.2mg EOD and go from there.



Lol only took 198 posts for you to unleash a sarcastic and slightly dickish post. Welcome aboard.




Why Bonez, whatever do you mean? My post was as loving as kittens and sunshine. ; )