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Running Dbol With Tren


Is taking oral Tren and Dbol too risky to run at the same time?

If not, what is the maximum amount of time to run them together?


Post erase. Misunderstood. Thought OP was referring to tren ace...


He asked about "oral tren," which is not trenbolone but probably some "prohormone" crap.


Thanks Bill. Missed that. I'll edit out my post.


Could be oral tren.


On the original question: I would not use either a "prohormone" that calls itself tren, or methyltrienolone which some call oral trenbolone.

If you are going to use Dianabol and insist on failing to use an injectable, then I would combine it with oxandrolone.


Seen this. Has to be dosed high I've heard.




Trenbolone acetate is not very effective orally. That -- via taking Finaplix pellets orally, or crushed pellets orally -- has been tried for a long time and has never been popular because it doesn't work, though I suppose extreme doses would, despite low bioavailability, accomplish a little.

Exactly why people are determined to fail to use an injectable and why this is deserving of anything but catcalls, I don't get. Trenbolone acetate should be injected. End of story.


Oral bioavailability of AAS that are not designed to survive the first pass of the liver is very very low.. which is likely why you heard that the dose needs to be high.. far too high to warrant use this way - whether it is sold in tablets or not.

Winkroar - you have repeatedly taken the piss out of people (including myself) for showboating/showing off knowlegde - but since you have begun to post more frequently of late, it is clear that not only do you possess very little working knowledge of these compounds, but your past attempts at flaming are likely based on ignorance of the subject.

Thanks for coming.



I am not advocating the use of oral tren. I stated myself it would have to be dosed highly.
I was posting the pics for 2 reasons. 1) Bills post indicated the kid had a prohormone
or oral tren didn't exist 2) to see what kind of tren the kid had. And I have no intention
of flamimg any one. Also Brook did you ever think some people might enjoy looking at
pictures of steroids. I know I do. And I am not show boating. If someone has comments
after yours it doesnt always mean they are trying to prove you wrong.




Actually I didn't know that anyone was taking advantage of people by selling trenbolone acetate as an oral.


Well I've never tried the stuff but it is interesting Sir. There was Enhanced Genetics (I think they're shut down now) but they had oral EQ and some interesting powders. I always wondered if they were
catering to the "oral" market or if the stuff was meant to be processed into oils. The products above are British Dragon and Body Research.


I suspect they were meant to obtain dollars. Hard to imagine that most buyers of such a thing would have the knowledge and means, or sophistication (so to speak) to be planning to process them into injectables.


Trenbolone 5mg


Ok 5mg of what a prohormone like 13-ethyl-3-methoxy-gona-2,5(10)-diene-17-one ?