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Running Cycles at 16


Just wanna thank TNation members

Wanted to thank you guys for convincing me to NOT (lol screwed up in first post) run cycles at 16, my first approach to steroids was i wanted to take them when i knew nothing about them (as in i wanted to take them later in life) then i grew a dislike to them then returned to wanting to take them again, i was planning i cycling this summer running just test e@500mg a week with possibly some letrozole and nolva as a pct

Ive been really thinking about it tonight and was looking at posts made by 16 year olds who wanted to cycle and i seen everyone tell how absolutely stupid it was and even coming from people who took them young and regret it

I see some ask why my generation of males are trying to get there hands on steroids, my answer to that is typically most teens egos or to get 'girls',
Most of them never have done research
I have done research but i know that i have not done enough at all

My reason for wanting to take them just i have the obsession of wanting to look big and compete in physique competitions and bodybuilding competitions maybe, I just want to mention my approach was not even close to "I want girlz 2 like me"

But thank you, also planning on becoming a nurse

Height: 5,8
Age: 16
Weight: 181lbs
Bf: 21%


Still say wouldn't do it. Your 16, your life and goals will change all the time and IMO its not worth the risk. There's no rush to get big you still have many years ahead of you.

How long have you been training anyway?

With 21% bf that shows you don't know much about dieting


even if you weren't 16 you are too fat which indicates that your diet and training both suck.. aas will not make up for that


dont do it!


You are thanking people on Tnation for convincing you TO do aas? Either you have picked out little pieces of advice and applied them to yourself or you are completely fucking delusional. Don't do this! Everything about your post screams NO.

Too young (way too young)
21% BF
Too young

Please don't do this


i was thanking for people on tnation convincing me not to


yea thats what i was thinking but a friend of mine who cycles kept telling me it did not matter


10 Months honestly was planning to start after my cut, ive never been strict with diet completely until now

Lol didnt realize that i screwed up in the post


Thats cool. As you said when you edited. You made a mistake on the first draft. It did say thank you for convincing me to do it. I was really concerned that you had somehow taken from this forum that you should take steroids. I'm happy to hear that you will wait.

Sorry for being rough. I really wanted to get my point across.


I'm not sure how someone can aspire to be in fitness/figure competitions but be 21% body fat. How can you look at that body and be like "you know what? i think i'd be really good at fitness competitions." I don't get it.

Either way, glad you're steering away from the juice, revisit the subject in 10 years


i wasnt planning on going in on the bf, never would i lol


if you are interested in using aas, get your natural test levels checked.. if you are below 400ng/dl I would recommend beginning..

anyone who says "wait till you are 25" or "your natural test is through the roof at your age" is absolutely full of shit


Hey walkway, would you consider it a good idea to hop on TRT with levels under 400ng/dl?

I recently had mine checked and they came in at a whopping 405ng/dl and after further research found that yes I'm in range but is a very low level for someone my age and am now considering going on TRT.


I would yes


I agree with Walkway. I know a few kids who are 19-21 and have had test levels checked that were in the 150-200 range. And they looked it too.


hmm might as well just get them checked for the hell of it, do I need to make an appointment for these kind of things?


No, go to privatemedlabs, 50 bucks for a hormone test, buy it, print it out, take to lab whenever, get results in a few days.

Hey walkway I have a few more questions for you but ill make another thread I don't want to hijack


hijack plz, also when you say take to a lab, where would i go about searching one? google test labs in my area or something?


this look correct? www.privatemdlabs.com/lp/Testosterone.php


Look at either a male hormone test or the female hormone test. They include other labs as well.