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Running Cycle Year Round? Thoughts?


I mean I think its understood that many ifbb pros cycle year round which means hey never come off. What do you think about cycling a compound all year round and how would you go about doing it? Obviously this is not safest way to use these compounds but would probably be very effective.


Cruise and Blast meathod. Usually they just run a low dose of test (300mg-400mg) and use that as a starting point and add in other things based on what they are doing at the time. Most of the time they will not be at the cruising dose but its a point to work off. PCT for something like this would be much like the PCT of a Decca cycle, with the use of HCG to restart the HPTA and then Nolva or Clomid to actually recover.

I am planning on going on like this in a year or so everything willing.


not true.
there is no problem with running year round.

Blast and cruise,if the benefits outweigh the sides then go for it,example would be if you are not wanting children anymore,(you can still have kids its a small chance that sperm count will be lower) you have enough money to obtain enough compounds to last through out the year ect.
keep in mind that the longer your on the harder it is to come off.
how one would go about it is this, you run a heavy cycle of your choice, and then instead of doing PCT and coming off you simply run test by itself at a standard TRT dose for however long you will be "off" cycle. then when you plan and run the next cycle simply add in whatever compound you choose and run higher test. then repeat
I find this is much simpler than running PCT every time and trying to recover,when there is no logical need to recover.


how would you come off if you had to come off eventually?-same was as with any cycle or different due to being on so long- The idea is very interesting to me though but would want to have a few years worth of gear and hgh before I even attempted it.


depending on the amount of time on if you wanted to do something like this its best to make sure your ok to be on TRT for rest of your life thats easiest
but imo it would be a long slow progressing test taper along with the standard HCG,sarm and ai type pct.
It would be no different than a normal cycle just longer duration more subtle of a transition to make sure your as comfortable as possible.
Jose canseco was on for like 24 years straight and it was said he was has administered testogel and hcg


when i hit 50, i will go on and stay on till i die, lol.