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Running Cycle with Gyno?


Hey guys, so I have a little bit of gyno from using PHs in the past. I am on the second week of my first cycle of test e and was just wondering if the pre-existing gyno will cause it to flare up or will I be fine, assuming the necessary precautions are taken? I am running 250mg of test e twice a week for 10 weeks, and am taking .25ml of arimidex EOD. I have nolva as my pct. Just wondering if anyone has gone through this and if I am fine as long as I have the AI on cycle and do pct. Thanks.


yeah you'll be alright


thanks bro I hope so. do you suggest I take .25 of arimidex ED or EOD? If anything flares up I'll obviously raise the dose until it subsides. Just wondering what'd be better especially since i'm prone to gyno. I don't really know if taking ED vs EOD would have any noticeable affects on gains.


EOD. vary the dose as needed, not the schedule.


Is this your first cycle with AAS? If so than stick with only one compound. But if you have others under your belt look into incorporating masteron for its anti gyno capabilities.Also if adex works for you thats fine but I would research aromasin as I feel is a superior AI. Throw in some b6 in there as well.


I'd run it at .5mg eod, personally. Better safe than sorry.


Thanks for the responses. This is my first cycle so I am just keeping it basic and only using test. Yes I'd much rather be safe than sorry so I will bump it to .5 EOD instead of .25 if that is what you recommend. Do not want to take a chance.


good stuff


^good advice.

also, it might be worth it to invest in Raloxifene to either have on hand in case the gyno flares up, or to use after PCT to actually try to minimize some of the gyno.

EDIT: also, you might wanna look into topical DHT cream to control the gyno as well. it doesn't seem too popular, but i assume that has a lot to do with it's suppressive effects on the HPTA, and that it might not be too popular in medicine due to that issue.



hey cycobushmaster, as the resident SERM expert here: what's the dose of raloxifen for gyno?

You a fan of ralox for PCT?


60 mg day seems to work well for gyno.

i've never used it for PCT, but it's better than nothing... nowhere near as strong as Nolva, Tore or Clomid in raising LH or test.

it doesn't lower IGF-1 much, though, so if that was an issue (hGH on cycle), then it might be worth using there. the half-live is way shorter, too.... around a day or so, vs nearly a week.

science, bitches!


Interesting. I have a tiny little gyno lump that just never quite goes away. Was thinking I might add ralox to my clomid for my next PCT, see if it does something.


Hi cycobush,

I reside in India, I am currently natural, and am looking to raise my test levels a little bit. I made a thread regarding a nolva only cycle, but members of this forum recommended that I go for a clomid only cycle instead. What are your thoughts on this?

Also, I do not know what the generic name for clomid is in my country. Can u please have a look at the forms of clomephene available in Indian pharmacies at this link and tell me which tablets I should buy and what the dosages should be?



i don't really think running a SERM to boost your test levels on it's own is worth it, unless you add an AI.

letro, a-dex and aomrasin all raise test just as high, or higher, than SERMs do in various studies (it's just that on a regular cycle, we have to use them to control estrogen prior to PCT). however, while SERMs raise test, they also raise estrogen to a lesser degree.... but AI's do not do this.

if you're dead-set on trying this out, then you need an AI, in my opinion....


^to be clear, I'm not talking about using a SERM in a PCT, i'm talking about using a SERM on it's own for the ergogenic benefits.