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Running Catabolism


Does anyone have any concrete knowledge about exactly how catabolic running is? I would like to get back to running 3-5 miles / 3 times per week. Assuming nutrition and lifting are in line, and total running times in the half hour range, should this eat up muscle??


There is no concrete answer to your question as there are many variables that come into play for each individual. Some guys could likely run this much without losing any muscle, while doing so would be disatrous for others.

Instead of worrying about it, just try it. Too many people around here get hung up on trying to figure what will work and what won't when they should just experiment with things to find what works best for them.


I can only attest to my own experience regarding running. When I was running three times per week, three miles per week it would rob about five pounds of muscle from my frame.

When I started doing sprints and other interval type training I did not have that problem.


Will do.. Thanks for the advice.


I meant to say "three miles three times per week."