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Running/Cardio on a Test Cycle

Hey guys.

I’m wondering if anybody has any experience with running while on a test cycle (500mg)? I want to drop bodyfat and put some muscle on so want to do a little 12 week cycle however I need to keep my fitness/get fitter and be good at running/running with a weighted rucksack. I’m going to be running 5 days a week and lifting weights 6 days a week so I assume the test will help with recovery but what about my actual fitness? Thanks

You really believe your the first person who has ever ran for conditioning, while on test?

No that’s why I asked if anyone has any experience with it?

Can’t find much info on it only bits I found were low does test (150-200mg)

Only reason not to run is if you have PIP.

I’d limit running to sprints tho, especially If muscle gain is a goal.