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Running Backs

Post your favs, past present future.

Putting Barry here first because he rates it.

It’s hard to top Barry, the best of the best. Sweetness too.

It is hard to top Barry because the offensive line was so bad he always had to break tackles and juke guys in the backfield.

Dude was a BEAST

Two thumbs up for this thread

Gayle Sayers is my all-time fav for sure, Brians Song is one of my favorite movies as well.

I am no fan of the Cowboys but Emmit Smith does not get enough credit imo. That dude was tough, consistant, and a great runner. He also happened to be the worst talking head in NFL sports programming history. Out of respect for DJHT I won’t post any youtube vids of him butchering the english language lol, I don’t want to debaukel this thread.

Emmitt wasn’t ever my fav, probably because he played for the 'boys. But dude was a headfake master, had power, actually blocked, and he definitely had a turbo-boost when he got in the secondary.