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Running and Weightlifting?

I have a question. I’ve read where you should do cardio in addition to working out and I’ve read where if you do cardio it will be detrimental to working out. I don’t do aerobics, per se, but rather I just like to go out and run a mile or so, depending on how I feel. Thoughts?

That is good, if you are already a runner. I have always had better results when I run as well. Just don’t go overboard. A mile isn’t far.

Many of the old time advice was to incorporate running. Can’t remember what though, might have been Brawn, or Keys to Progress or something.

I am not sure what the current thinking is.

But as I said, I get better results when I run as well. And don’t overdo it, a lot of runners get runners high and just want to run way too much.

Also some of the routines around here seem to incorporate sprints etc…

And of course, it all depends on what your aims are, anyway.

What are your goals? Why do you lift? Why do you run?

I lift and run because I want to be in shape and fit, in general. I’m not looking to get into competitions or run races, although I am thinking about the Capitol 10k in Austin this year. I started going back to the gym and running some last year, when I found out my wife was pregnant. I took a look at myself and realized I wasn’t living the life I should be, health-wise. So now I work out.

If you are just looking to be healthier and in better shape, I say absolutely include the running. Increased aerobic capacity, decreased body fat, more fit.

If you were trying to build a lot of muscle (aka bulk up) I would keep the running to a minimum or start to incorporate interval sprints into your training. There seems to be a lot of evidence that they will help you control your BF without making you lose muscle mass.

I used to run between 15 and 20 miles a week while in the military and it didn’t really seem to affect my lifting and size gains in my upper body that much. My lower body was much smaller then as I can attest to by trying to put my old uniform on. The top still fits, but the pants won’t even go over my butt with the fly totally open, lol. I did do lower body back then and had decent strength. But for some reason all that long distance running kept my lower body pretty small. Now I stick to sprints and intervals up and down stadium/bleachers.