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Running and Strength Gains

I’ve been working on slimming up for the summer and seeing as I don’t have the bread to buy myself one of those elliptical bike dohickies or the like, I’ve been doing some good old fashioned running for cardio. This is the first time I’ve ran consistently in my life and over the past month I’ve worked up to about 15 miles a week at a 7.5 mile a minute pace. Well, as expected I’m slimming up, but to my surprise, my squat pundages have also been kicked up several notches. So, what’s the dillio? Has anybody else had this happen? Is it just because I’m working my legs differently with the running or does the running cause some sort of horomone change, or what? I sure do like getting stronger from this cardio, but it just don’t make sense.


I. Handjob

Yes. The running is making your legs stronger and more enduring. You will soon reach a point were addition running will not cause additional gain in strength. So enjoy the run.

You can run 7.5 miles per minute?? You should enter the olympics.

I meant to say at 7.5 minutes per mile pace. You are some sort of smart ass.

I. Handjob


older lifter is correct. you are just getting stronger because you are adding more volume to your legs. Plus you said you are losing weight so you might be actually squating the same weight just moving the weight from your belly to the bar. :slight_smile: Just remeber to keep your goals in mind. I would say incorporate some sprints into your routine to really kick up the fast twitch fibers. Then you’ll see some real increases in your squats. Eat and rest properly. laters pk