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Running and Powerlifting...Help!


Hello all, I have a problem that I could use some advice/help with. I am in the Marine Corps and Stationed at Camp Pendleton. I was priveleged enough to start a powerlifting team here on Pendleton and have even been granted a budget to pay for equipment, clothing, travel etc....

The MArine corps seems to think that the only way to physical fitness is to run long distances 3 times a week. Originally the team was excused from this crap...but recently I have been told that on top of my training as a powerlifter I am going to be required to do PT with my unit (run long distances) 3 times a week.

As I have a very high Physical Fitness Test score this is absolutely rediculous. But, nonetheless, I am going to have to be a marathon runner 3 times a week.

My question is, do you all think I will be able to keep training as a lifter, still getting bigger stronger and improving my totals while running my ass of 3 times a week. Also any tips or pointers on how to stay successful as a powerlifter while running so damn much would be of great help. Thanks


Of course you can. Mike Tuchscherer has to run a bunch as well, and he just totalled over 2300 in single ply at 275.

Everything else, food, sleep, extra recovery modalities will have to be increased.

Obviously, it's inconvenient, but my take is that if you believe it will sabotage your lifting, it will. If you believe it's not a big deal, you'll work around it fine.

Mind over matter...if you don't mind, it doesn't matter.


How is food like over there? If you can eat enough to handle the extra cardio-less then 10 miles a week shouldn't be that bad- you could still make great gains.

I mean mariusz pudzianowski-though a freak on drugs- trains twice a day 6x a week doing ridiculous cardio, heavy lifting, and strongman events yet still makes great progress.


I would definitely cut down your volume on the lifting, obviously this running will take a toll on you, but once you get used to it I think you will be fine. Cutting down to 3 days a week training and also on the number of exercises you do will help. And eat more!


"The MArine corps seems to think that the only way to physical fitness is to run long distances 3 times a week."

I hate that shit. 3+ years in and I know exactly what you mean. I have a 299 PFT and have had a 285+ since I went to bootcamp. I am weak as shit outside of running as a result of the USMC's stupid mentality.


Thanks. Food Shouldnt be a problem, I can eat my ass off.

"If you dont mind, it doesnt matter"...I like that.

As for training, I have been using a westside template...Not sure if thats going to be the way to go anymore. Any ideas on what might work for me now? We run M W F, should I squat on days I dont have to run, or squat on days I have to run to take the next day to recover?


Yea, I have a 260....what really pisses me off is that half the people in the unit dont even have a first class and alot of them fall out of every pt session....but there woried about me gaining weight and not being able to run.

So If Im in combat with a marine that "Pt's" 3 times a week and I get my ass blown off I guess all those 3 mile runs are going to enable him to pick all 215 pounds of me up dead wieght and get me to safety. hes better off running his ass back to post and getting someone who can. Idiots


This might be pushing but I know Camp Pendleton has an on base crossfit open to the military:


I don't know if that is a substitute for the traditional PT work.

You can do a modified Max Effort Black Box training template, using your power lifts for the max effort lifts.


Instead of doing pure running, you can do short little 10/15 minute scaled crossfit workouts after your max effort lifts. I don't know if this is worse or better than running.

Again, this only works if the crossfit guys at camp pendleton get out of PT, and they are cool with the max effort black box template. It might require a little social engineering as well and pitching the idea to the right people, but if they are giving you resources to start a powerlifting team, it might be worth a shot.

...Just an idea, good luck.


Its not the powerlifting team requiring me to run, its my section. We even have orders stating that we are excused from section pt as a member of the powerlifting team.

Its my specific unit that I work for that is not honoring that part of the orders because they feel that unless I am running I am not in shape.


How long are the runs? And when relative to days you lift?


the runs are usually 2-3 miles, sometimes with gear on such as a flak jacket on M W F. I have been lifting Mon Tues Thur Fri with.


I'd say...run on the days you don't lift for recovery. You won't lose much strength at all running 2-3 miles especially if you've got plenty of quality protein hanging around. Or, if need be, run at least a while after lifting on M and F. Running directly afterward is something you'd do for fat loss... definitely not strength. But good recovery (good shunting of nutrients to repairing muscles) on off days can actually be a great thing for building strength. "Your training is only as good as your recovery." Gear sounds like a fun run. Whoa.

Sorry if you already knew most of the above...

I'd second the looking into Crossfit thing... if only because I started out very interesting in hauling weight (PL) and then became very interested in being able to a) haul weight b) pull my own over a bar and c) do all of this faster, longer, and stronger than everyone else.

No where near where I want to be yet - but lots of great things to look forward to.


That means Heavy days on Tue and Wed, Speed days sat and sun. I have to run M W F No choice. Crossfit is the big craze right now but it is not condusive with my goals, I am a powerlifter. Although it would be much better training for those marines that are PTing only because hey are required to and would be much better for combat preparedness it is not for me. I like the specialized training and focusing on becoming as strong as possible in the 3 lifts.


Go to elitefts.com, search qa for Matt Kroczaleski and enter in marines.


Check out the t-cell war room forum for the services


I run all the time and it hasn't affected me. You should be fine.


Mind over matter...

Which for a jar head could be a problem...

Beat Navy.


lol....hard for a jar head? haha we do twice as much as you all with your hand me down broke as equipment. seriously though I heard that there is a powerlifting MOS (Job Specialty) in the army as well as car racing and shit like that. Is this true? if so, Im tranferring services


You'll just have to eat and sleep more.


Never seen that myself. I know soldiers do get time off if they join the army boxing team.. I'm sure there are other teams as well.

I've served side by side with Marines and no way do you do twice as much. We do, in general, have better gear.

The main differance between the two services is that Marines really do (for the most part) think and act like warriors while only the combat arms in the army do the same.

Way too many pussies in the military, period.