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Running and Oly Lifting


I am planning on starting a long term program based on Wil Fleming’s “Olympic Lift Variations to Get Big” after finishing up a 4 week kettlebell challenge I’ve been doing. I have to do a a short-medium distance run once a week on Tuesday mornings (usually 2.5-3.5 miles) and a short distance sprinting workout once a week on Thursday mornings for ROTC.

Looking for some help/suggestions on how to structure the workouts in the program around these runs. I have the time to do the runs in the morning and then lift later in the day, I just want to make sure I am maximizing recovery time and not risking injury.



Day 1: evening lift
Day 2: evening lift
Day 3: morning run
Day 4: evening lift
Day 5: evening lift
Day 6: morning run
Day 7: off

Move the lighter day 3 run to day 2 if you want 2 days rest per week. You may prefer swapping day 6 and 7 around.