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Running and Lifting....

Whats the good word T-Nation? Hope everyone’s New Year went well and safe.

Here is my situation. I am now training for a little 9.3 mile run in march. This training requires me to run Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. i would like to lift Monday thru Saturday. On Mon, Wed, and Fri I would like to do it two times a day ( I have been doing this for the last 2 months). I would also like to lift on my running days. So all that leads to my question…WHAT WORKOUTS ARE YOU SUGGESTING?

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It’s really hard to lift for size and strength when running a lot. I’m still trying to find a solution to it. Right now I’m just focusing on getting stronger, and fixing my weaknesses then I’ll be back in the running scene.

If you really wanted to do better in the run, I would keep lifting to a minimum. Lift only to help weaknesses like hip flexors, core work, and strength imbalances for the lower body.

Stick to you basic compound movements (presses, etc). Since you’re running a lot, just take a page from boxers.

Use complex/concurrent periodization.

[quote]carter12 wrote:
Use complex/concurrent periodization.


If the running is your priority, as it seems to be, cut down to two full body workouts a week, a 2-3 heavy sets of 5 reps. Work on maintaining strength. Doing too much is gonna kill your effort.

so you run 3 days a week and lift 9 times a week?

What are your goals? that would be a huge help in making any sugestions. Without knowing what you want we can’t be of any help.

Ok I can be of some help, if you want lift 9 times a week look at some of Waterbury’s stuff about high freaquency training.

Honestly, im not too sure what my lifting goals are right now. i know before i started my running i was lifting two times a day for a month. in that time i got down to a respectable 9% bf and a decent 209. i’d like to try and keep that. its gonna be rough.

really and suggestions would be great.

thanks so far nation…