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Running and Eating

Hi guys,

I’m a beginner when it comes to cardio (read: a lazy fuck) and I’m wondering should I be eating anything after a run? Because of my schedule I’m usually running at about 9/10 at night. I’m usually a bit hungry afterwards so ill eat something small, but I’m wondering if thats the right thing to do? As in, would it damage my fat loss plan? any help would be great, thanks.

What else are you doing other than running?

If I go running (~30-40mins) then I normally mix some Lucozade hypotonic with some protein powder.

More importantly than eating after running is that you should be stretching after you run otherwise you will be stiff the next day.

What fat loss program are you on?

Cardio and a decent diet is for the ladies, God bless them.

I hope you’re using resistance training as well?

If so, the stickies in the forum list endless suggestions for post-workout meals.

Depends on what you are eating and what your goals are. You should stay away from fat though, otherwise it won’t hurt much eating after.

How can you sleep after running?

oh, yeah dont worry im lifting weights at least 4 times a week. A mish mash i made my self which is just 3 HIIT sessions a week and 4 weight sessions

yeah i never was never a fan of cardio but i need to shift a few pounds then i can let the weight training get me down to were i want. Cool ill take a look at the stickies as well.

Ah cool thanks. I can sleep cus it makes me tired! i usually finish running at close to half ten or eleven and half to be up at 6 so ill be in bed shortly after that haha

If you want to feed your muscles while you sleep, I would say it needs to include some slow digesting protein like Casein, cott cheese is a good example.

Is that you in your avatar after a run :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for all the advice guys.
Nah its not, but its what i feel like after a run haha!

If you are doing HIIT sessions shortly before going to bed, then you’re not going to be getting maximum benefit from them.

Intervals are going to jack up your metabolism after you do them, so going to sleep soon after is kind of counter productive, because your metabolic rate is going to slow down. End result: you will burn less calories and fat.

You’re not going to be getting the full benefits of intervals by doing them so close to bed time.

Try and do them earlier if you can. Ideally with at least a few hours of being awake between training and bedtime.

I guarantee that you’ll get better fat loss this way. Your metabolism will be roaring after a serious interval session, so take full advantage of it.

By going to sleep you’re basically telling your metabolic procresses to slow down, and that’s making things more difficult than they need to be.

I know that might not always be possible. It’s just something to think about…