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Running Albuterol Year Round

I have to admit I might have become a bit mentally addicted to Albuterol, and have been running it non stop for a while now.
Not too much, mind you, only 4-8mg preworkout.

I can’t imagine it hurting because this is about the dose that chronic asmathics take everyday, but I would still like an opinion from the more informed.

If you’re wondering why I like running it so much; it has a strong stimulant effect, helps my strength, keeps me leaner while bulking, keeps me looking harder, has a nice euphoric effect and keeps me warm during the cold months (during summer it makes me sweat like a pig)

When I come off it, my lifts drop and I look flatter and softer, so I inevitably hop back on.


yep it has it’s problems, I think that taking beta2 agonists might , just might damage your heart, im not sure to what extent albuterol does it, but clen causes hypertrophy of the ventricles as far as I know, plus messing in with the heart rate in anyway is dangerous, plus there’s also a problem with receptors losing their sensitivity. at least this is what i think, much more knowledgeable members may give you a deeper much better insight

I’m not really worried about desensitization because I still get a kick from it no matter how continuous the dosing (stim effect, shakes, warmth, etc)

But one thing that does worry me is the heart issue… I know that albuterol was offered as a safer option to clen, but I’ve heard some horror stories about clen and the heart