Running = Agony

Holy shit guys…I ran 4 miles yesterday with my sister to mark the beginning of my quest to lose some fat. (A few months ago I was ripped @ 160 now I’m like, 180 w. some fat) So this bulking cycle took a serious toll on my cardiovascular system. I was dying the whole run. I was gonna be damned if I was gonna stop and walk in front of my sister though, haha. Someone please tell me why my calves hurt worse than anything else. Is it because of the predominant slow twitch fibers in the calves? And some of you asked me how the parents situation is going. So I’ll tell you. They still think that a high protein diet is “bad for you” but I just eat whatever I want anyway. My dad still refuses to let my purchase supps, (when I asked him he started screaming, and I mean screaming like a madman) but I figure if i really want to i can buy some methoxy-7 or some androsol/nandrosol and hide it. I don’t see the need for this tho with how my progress is going with my diet. Well, I lied to you all, I’m actually running just to pacify them and make them think that I am listening to them when really my intentions are to hit 190 or 200 within a few months and THEN diet it off. So I guess all is well here. Should I run for 2 days a week? Do I need anabolic support (no, not steroids, I’m 17) while running to avoid the obvious catabolism associated with it? Thanks guys (and the few girls that frequent this board), I appreciate it! ~Porch Dawg

I am not sure where your pain is exactly in the calves. It sounds like you have shin splints (shin splints do not necessarily have to be coming from the front part of your shins). What you did was went all out instead of gradually build up your running. All I can say is give running a rest for a while and use ibuprofen and ice on those calves. The best thing to do is take it easy on the running. If you want to do some kind of cardio workout, to a weight training workout with only 30-60 seconds between sets. That keep your heartrate up plenty. As for doing steroids, why even consider it? They are expensive, hard to get good quality and have bad side effects.

I run 3-7 times a week, 4-6 miles a time. In terms of “functionality” I think its number one plus the fitness benefits my workouts. The calf burn will be half next run and half the run after that. Then fitness is the main determinant of how far and fast you can run.

I run about three times a week and my suggestions would be to not run on a leg day or the day after leg day. I keep my runs under 5 miles and make sure to have something like Surge immediately after. Your calves probably hurt the worst because it is your weakest link (for running). Take it easy and don’t run two days in a row for now. Your calves will hurt less but something else will likely take their place until your body really gets used to the new stress- probably your adductors. Also, if you plan on continuing running go to a shoe-store that specializes in running shoes and have them watch you run and then fit you into the right shoes. This could save you a lot of pain and wear and tear in your joints (esp. hips and knees). Hope this helps.