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Running After Doing Legs OK?


hey did legs this morning 10am
-hack squats
-leg press
-leg extension
-Standing leg curl

think it would be ok to go for a run this afternoon (3:30pm)?


yes, but only if you keep it to under 5.5 mi and never exceed an 8.2 min/mi pace...if you go faster or farther your quads will self-destruct


if you worked out your legs hard enough I don't think you'd be able to run for a couple days.




That has to be the best advice I have ever read.


You either work out very softly or run very softly if you're legitimately asking that question.

OR you're some sort of wizard, I suppose.


Running the day after can help relieve some of the soreness. But you're not going to be able to run very fast or enjoy it.


What are your goals?

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Yeah it's fine if you can do it. I wouldn't plan on going too far though.


Says who? I worked legs yesterday, worked them hard, puked while doing it, and went for a run right after, im sore today of course, but its not noticably worse then when i work legs and dont run afterwords


In my opinion, it helps aid recovery. Obviously not sprints, but a slow, steady pace.


yes. Get some lactic acid and blood moving. you'll live.


Fo Sho....just don't do anything stupid, keep a tolerable pace.


didnt do it. and if i did it was going to be a slow jog. Legs were too sore.


Really, you puked?


Sounds like you really know your body...


I like a brisk 30-45 minute walk after I down my PWO drink after doing legs. Helps recovery and reduce soreness tremendously.


I wait a few hours and do my long tempo day pace. It usually goes pretty well.


That's pretty impressive then. Last time I tried to do a tire run on a leg day I almost popped a hip flexor.


uhh, yes, it is so hard to believe that someone could puke on a leg day?