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Running a Stack

Just got my bloodwork checked out by my doc and I’m all healthy, liver and otherwise so I’m planning on starting a stack of CEL M-Drol with Trenadrol. I was going to start off with a low dose of Tren for a week, then stack both of them for 4 weeks and then finish it off with another week of Tren then go into PCT.

Trying to get from 195 to 205-ish. I was going to wean off the Ph’s with Novedex xt while running Liver Support, milk thistle, hawthorne berry and all that other good stuff. Thoughts?

the M-Drol is Methylated and the Tren isn’t so in theory it makes sense that it would be safe since I don’t drink/smoke/drug use etc. Just wanting to gain some lean mass while limiting the fat gain. Anybody have any experience with any of these goodies???

Also have all the cycle support supplements while on the cycle as well. I’ve been reading forums here for years now but finally decided to post something of my own.

At your weight, I would just stick to
food food and food
sleep sleep and sleep
and heavy weights

prohormones will fuck you up, been there done that and don’t recommend it. plus it is expensive, you are better off with real test for real benefits.


I would if I could find legit gear but I’m worried about injecting some kind of oil instead of some real test.

Provide stats

And what is your plan for PCT

I gain fat relatively, cut down from a non-hard 220 to 190 with visible abs but I’m looking to keep them and get to at least 205. I want Novaldex or Clomid but I’m skeptical of just about every online site thinking they’re scams. I’m definitely open to ideas. Ideally I’d take either of them while decreasing the dose over a 3-4 week period.
195 lbs.
22yrs old
Bench- 255
Dead- 415
Squat- 375

I want to gain muscle while gaining as little of fat as possible.

How tall are you brohem? I think you should work on your strength unless you are 6’3 or something.

I’m 6 foot one with a long torso and short femurs compared to someone for my height. aka short legs and long torso. For my core exercises I’m in the 3-5 rep work with my secondary movements at 8-10 reps and then usually end every workout with something to failure (pushups, squats w/135, or pullups), trying to get as much lactic acid built up to increase my IGF-1 levels elevated before my post workout shake. Also, anybody ever heard of taking too much BCAA’s. I take 5 grams in the morning, 5 before workout, 5 after workout and 5 before bed. That doesn’t include whatever comes in my whey/casein/post-workout shake. Also take creatine and drink 1.5 gallons of water a day (aka I piss a lot)

Why not just keep it simple. Stick with either one product or the other. If it is your first time taking something hormonal I am sure you would have great gains with either.

Just make sure and work on your strength in the core lifts during the cycle, which I am sure you will make progress on.

Decided to run MDrol only at 10/10/20/20. What should I use for PCT and where could I get it?