Running a Cycle While on HRT

Im on HRT @ 100mg depo-test EW. I have a stock of Testoprim D and i have been pondering running a boost in my life long cycle. my main question is pct. should i consider a pct even though i am always on test and will always be. i suppose if i shut down completely that 100mg a week may not be enough to prevent gyno and the rest? i am not going to go crazy.

just and increse in test to 300mg a week for some time which i have not yet determined. i’m not looking to pack on too much weight at once, i dont want the doc to be suspicious and blood test me. if he does i figure he will decrease my dosage to practically nothing and i will have to either run low for a while(which is brutal) and demand a re-test, or supplement my dosage myself. any advice?

It would be a good idea to have a concrete plan in mind – specific dose and specific timeframe based around your scheduled blood draws. And if you can plan it right, your doc will have you at 200mg/wk in no time.

And I remember seeing that Testoprim down in Puerto Neuvo and Rosarito. Prob best to pin that eod.

i was planning on going with 100mg MWF, and take weekends off. my blood draws are not “scheduled” per say. last one i had the nurses fucked up and had me at 200mg ew. it is supposed to be 200 eow but i dont like the low so i made them split it. for a while as i hoped, they screwed up. when they realized it(after about 2 months) they dropped me to 100 eow and re tested a few weeks later(which was almost like torture).

by timing do you mean get tested at the end of my cycle boost so i read low and he will up my dose?

my original free test was around 260 something, of course it was late afternoon and i didnt sleep the night before after i trained. i figured i could tip the scales in my favor a little. if i have to get stabbed in the ass with a nail ew for the rest of my life it had better be worth it.