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Running a Cycle on Top of TRT


Ok I’ve ran test only cycles around 10 years ago. I’m now 33 and on TRT replacement my dosage is 150 mg test C weekly with 500 hcg and anastrozole 1 mg 2X weekly
I am going to run a small cycle and here is what I am thinking.
I’ll continue my TRT schedule and add 75 mg of Tren ace EOD. Should I add another 150 of test on Thursday or just leave it at 150 test weekly and mix in the tren? Also do I need to add a 3rd tab of anastrozole weekly when I run tren or just keep it at 2?


I would just add the Tren. Tren doesnt aromatize so there shouldnt be any need for more Adex but you should be always be prepared. I’m sure some will argue that you need more but I’ve run tren with no extra Adex.

Be prepared for the side associated with Tren. My experience was crazy night sweats, change in body odor (according to my wife), and crazy drops in blood sugar to the point of nausea. Also my wife did not like me when on Tren. Said it changed me. However on the positive, crazy gains in strength and the ability to eat like an 18 year old. Every single calorie seems to turn to muscle. Be prepared to eat alot more and alot more often.


I just finished a 20ml vial of Tren A in 5 weeks. Ran 75mg EOD starting out and ended up at 125mg EOD. I supplemented with 250mg Cyp once a week, I didn’t add any extra Adex. I ran that .25mg twice a week.

I was testing it to see if I want to go with Tren E or not. I had a little night sweats, awesomely lucid dreams (aka… I slept like a baby), gains like a mofo, and I actually calmed down some in my demeanor. I went from being an asshole to actually being rather nice. Minus when people did stupid shit… cut me off in the car or something stupid like that. But I’d only cuss at them, nothing crazy.


What about using Prami or cabergoline with tren. Is this absolutely necessary?


If you are asking me, no idea. I haven’t, but I believe caber (never heard of Prami) helps with ED via tren. I’ve had zero issues with ED. It’s actually intensified quite a bit more than just on cyp alone.

Tren TRT Protocol

I didnt use either and like mwhities said, i had no problems with ED. Like my appetite, I was a raging 18 year old in the bedroom.


Let me just add a word of advice here…Tren is freaking awesome!! I love it and love the way it made me feel, however, for whatever reason my wife DID NOT LIKE ME while on it and has made me promise not to use it again. I was allowed 2 separate cycles by her, promising that I wouldn’t be an asshole the second time. Apparently it changed me in a way i couldn’t recognize. So Tren is no longer in my cycle. Hell, I even have a full vial of it that I cant get rid of!

So, with that said, be prepared to LOVE tren, an be prepared for the side effects, and be prepared for unrecognizable changes that your SO may see and not like.


Hey man I’ll take that vial if you dont​:joy::joy::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::facepunch::facepunch::metal:


I actually calmed down a lot. Wife noticed it and asked mw what was up. Very weird. Unless it wasn’t “real” tren. It was from a UGL and my first time ordering from them. I’ll be getting another one from a source I know is legit. Granted, the source I got this one from, I gained some good muscle weight, but with all the eating, I gained fat too. haha


Did you keep the fats low or was it a full blown gorge


Tren is the best!!! The sides can be wicked, but worth it. My first cycle of Tren was really hard on my body, but it has gotten better in other cycles. Unlike some, Tren absolutely kills my appetite and I have to force myself to eat. Get ready to feel like an 18 year old horndog who just wants to hump everything. Also, I think I get a little more irritable when on Tren. Not some stupid ass “roid rage” just a lower tolerance for people and their stupidity. Your Tren doses are pretty low so maybe the sides wont hit ya too hard on your first cycle. Good luck man!

Finally! Not some dumbass 18yo kid who wants to do gear to be cool. Some of these clowns on this forum crack me up! I hope the Tren works well for you man!


I ate pretty much anything, but tried to stay as “clean” as possible. Being I was doing keto before, I kept the fats and proteins up, and added in more carbs. Quite sure I was at a surplus and could’ve adjusted, but I just wanted to enjoy the muscle gain.

Back on keto now.


Can you explain how it was hard in your body? Unless my 125 eod is low, I didn’t feel it was hard on mine. Unless it was way under dosed. Hopefully the next run will be better with more potent tren.


You’re lucky brother. Wish it was that way for me. I would love to be on again.


@mwhities for some reason my first cycle on Tren made me feel like shit. I had flu like symptoms, night sweats like crazy, no appetite, and I had trouble recovering because of the lack of food I was getting in the beginning. I figured out better ways to get my macros in and the recovery was much better. I pretty much felt all of those symptoms the whole cycle on Test E and Tren E. I think it was hard just because it was my first Tren cycle. During show prep I was on Tren Ace at a higher dose and I didn’t really have any bad symptoms. I’m back on Tren E at a moderate dose and the effects aren’t bad at all. I think I just had a shitty first cycle. It was good gear but my body wasn’t a fan of it in the beginning.


@moosejuice0311 you sound like me. I hated being on Tren, and I’ve only run Tren E. Same symptoms. But yea, I looked awesome on it. For me, the trade off was not worth it, and I don’t plan to run it again anytime soon. For my goals, I need to have an appetite, so tren just doesn’t work for me right now. If I was overweight heading into a competition, I guess I could see myself maybe running it for 6-8 weeks to drop a few lbs and get a little stronger, but the negative effect it has on conditioning is also bad for my sport. Since I already excel in the static strength-type events, tren isn’t ideal for me.


I’m hoping this last vial was legit. Again, I’ll get another one (or few) from another source and compare. From the little testing phase I did, it’s going to be awesome for a full blast.


Ahhh, I haven’t experienced anything like that. I had night sweats, but it wasn’t anything major. Wearing a shirt helped my bed from getting wet. That’s how “light” it was. Maybe from coming off keto and eating “normally” caused my appetite to increase. I was eating a LOT. Definitely surplus, but “clean”.

What was the dosages you used for both test and tren? I was at 250 Test C and 75-125 Tren A. I “figure” there is no difference between Tren E and A, minus the esters. I’ll get some E after my next A test from a different source than my last vial.

I hope it works out better for you even at the moderate dosing.