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Running 5/3/1 Beginners. How Many Reps in AMRAP?

in the AMRAP set how many reps are recommended to do for setting the correct TM?

I don’t understand the question.

Set your TM at 85-90% of your 1RM, or a weight you can do for 5 technically solid reps. From your TM, work out your working sets as per the program. Push AMRAP sets for as many technically solid reps as you can do.

example i started 5/3/1 beginners this week and today i did 11 reps in my amrap set. what is suggested for reps done when doing amrap when starting the program?

should i try to maybe adjust tm until i can manage 15 reps total in amrap? or is 11 fine? im worried i might stall fast with 11 reps

Do as many reps as you can following the guidelines above. If that’s 11, fine. Seems in a reasonable ballpark to me.

If you’re worried about stalling, make sure you double down on your recovery.

thanks for replying!

A general ballpark figure I’ve seen a lot on here is around 10 reps on your 5’s week, 8 on your 3’s week, and 5 on your 5/3/1’s week.

This is what I aim towards, and as long as the reps are clean and quick, I’ve not had trouble so far!

When I started I was hitting around 3-7 reps. On my current cycle my top set is my TM and im getting 6-8

I don’t recommend you shoot for any specific rep range other than ALWAYS being able to smash 5 strong reps at 95% of your TM.

As long as the reps are QUALITY reps, you are good.


thanks for your time to reply! this was my first week and i experienced way more fatigue after the gym and soreness/stiffness in my lower back (from the 16 sets squats and 8 sets deadlift by the end of the week) is this common?

thanks for your time to reply! i think 3-7 reps is a bit risky to start with

thanks for your time to reply! I’m going to repost this from the other guy who i replied to because i have doubt. this was my first week and i experienced way more fatigue after the gym and soreness/stiffness in my lower back (from the 16 sets squats and 8 sets deadlift by the end of the week) is this common?

Yes, it can be. A lot of variables go into this so it’s impossible to tell what is “normal”.

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thanks for replying!

last week i started doing full body (was going 3 days a week but hitting muscle once weekly and got bored) and the three workouts i did were total nightmare (got the program from fitness subreddit called 5/3/1 beginners). even with 7 hours of sleep i was so damn fatigue that i could not do anything after the gym. i had brain fog. i started with low weight squats and in the AMRAP set i did 13 reps but after that i was dead and that was just the third set i did when i started.

this week even with 6-7 hours of sleep i felt exhausted heck not even wanting to live. today after two days of not working out i had a 8 hour sleep and i feel a bit more rested and energized

this week i gained 1 pound since im bulking at 2500 cals daily.

two things, im not sure if i should continue the program because of the volume? after three sets of low weight squat i was already passing out and the week was a nightmare.

what do you guys recommend?

diet is high carb (300 ish) high fat 80 ish and protein 152

You have tried this program many times and it has not worked for you. Do something else.

other than this what do you recommend?

The programs I would recommend would be similar programs. I do not think you would do well on them.

Search the articles on this site and find a program that suits you.

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As a beginner, doing any activity above what you were previously doing will likely carryover to your squat/deadlift/etc.

That’s good news on two fronts. Firstly, you can now part justify humping your pillow. Secondly, you can focus on 5s pro and learning each movement, proper execution, moving the bar quickly, properly warming up and less concerned with hitting 52 reps on your squat and you’ll still get good results. Make sure you’re doing assistance, mobility and conditioning work.

thanks a bunch for replying! im asking because i felt extremely beated this week by it

thanks a lot for replying!