Running 2 Different Ester Tests in a Cycle?

week, test-andropen, clen, var
1, 275mg/TWICE WK
2, 275mg/TWICE WK
3, 275mg/TWICE WK, 20-60mcg/day, 30mg/day
4, 275mg/TWICE WK, 60-120mcg/day, 30mg/day

week ,test-andropen, win (oil based)
5, 275mg/TWICE WK, 100mg/E3D

week, test-prop,var, clen,win (oil based)
6, 100mg/E3D,50mg/day, 100mg/E3D
7, 100mg/E3D,50mg/day, 20-60mcg/day,100mg/E3D
8, 100mg/E3D,50mg/day, 60-120mcg/day,100mg/E3D
9, 100mg/E3D

*arimidex .25mgs/EOD wks 1-12

[quote]ericcartman wrote:

wats ur opinions on this cycle? should I run more test? think I could get the same results using less of the gear I have on hand (save some for another cycle)…

I’m 210lbs,6’1,training 4yrs on and off I have a lot of training backround bmx racing since a young age. I’m a decent size right now, I don’t mind putting on weight but my main goal is to cut up and look sheredded.

I have run 3 previous cycles. winny orals, winny and test e, test e and deca.