Running 2 Cycles of 5s Pro with FSL and Assistance?

Like the title reads: it’s been recommended to do 2 cycles of 5s Pro with FSL (I’ll be doing the one set AMRAP version). Coupled with this, could I add in some assistance as I see fit? I would never do more than 2-3 assistance exercises on any given day. I’d like to start bringing up lagging areas.

Much obliged.

Ya for sure. Just make sure to put everything you’ve got into your 5s pro and fsl sets, focusing on bar speed and attack the weight. And don’t forget mobility , jumps, throws at the beginning. Personally I’ve noticed a huge benefit from these and it takes little time

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Cool. Thanks for the help.

That’d be fine. It’s close to what I do (no 5s Pro), I do at most three assistance exercises. Haven’t added jumps or throws, but I know they’re useful.

Yes, I will admit I haven’t included the throws and jumps just yet.

On an other note, my current split is 3 days a week:
Day 1: squat
Day 2: deadlift and press
Day 3: bench.

But I was recently doing 3 days a week with:
Day 1: squat and bench
Day 2: deadlift and press
Day 3: day 1

-the next week is a flip (A and B type split).

So I’m no longer hitting the big 4 twice a week in some cases. But I’m doing more assistance…this should be okay for a while, yes?

If that’s what you want to do give at shot. Give it a test drive. You still have the meat and potatoes in there (squat,deads,bench,press)

And seriously try adding in the jumps and throws. It took awhile for me to buy in too but now I’m hooked. Feeling explosive again. Gets you primed for the heavy stuff.

what do you throw?

Jumps are boxjumps right?

Thank you again, Vinyl. I’ll put in the throes and jumps as well as test this all out. I will prob eventually go back to the A B split,as I love hitting the core lifts as frequently as possible.

I have an old basketball. I put a little slit in it, filled it with sand and then ducted taped the hell it. I know it’s ghetto but it serves the purpose

Jumps are any kind. Don’t have a box yet so I use my bench, standing long jumps, tuck jumps, I’ll jump and try to touch the backboard higher each time on my kids basketball net

And I use hang cleans because I love them. Build up the traps good and I really like Olympic lifts but I suck at them.

Then I’ll pick one for the day and follow Jim’s advice on sets and reps.

What’s a typical rep/set scheme for using hang cleans as an explosive warm up to the main lifts?

just 3 sets of 5 usually

I should add I don’t view throws, jumps, hang cleans as warm up. It’s like this

Mobility, jump rope (warm up)
Explosive movement ( throws, jumps, cleans)
531 main movement

Depending on how much time I have (wednesdays are tricky for me) I’d like to start doing hang cleans again. I love the OLY lifts.

Thanks for spending the time to chime in as much as you have. It’s been a great help.

I read recently about 2 cycles 5s pro with fsl 5x5 but what was it recommended to follow?

Was it 2 cycles pr on last set and 3X5 fsl.

Yes, that’s what I remember.