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Runners/Triathletes, How Long Before Running?

I’m on week 7 of a Test-E 500mg/wk cycle and it’s been going great. I run Adex at 0.5mg EOD and my body has been shedding fat and putting on lbm.

I’m only really disappointed in that I can no longer run for more than 5-10 minutes without intense cramping. I’ve replaced my 30 minutes of cardio with cycling and while that feels great but I miss my outdoor runs.

At one point long walks would have my calves cramping. To help I’ve been taking 5mg of Taurine, 3g Potassium and 250mg Magnesium daily which has cured any long walks but I still won’t let me run very far.

I was wondering if anyone else has been frustrated by this and how long it took them after their cycle to get back into running again.

I’m planning on cycling for 12 weeks. So any advice on how long to wait once I’ve started PCT would also be appreciated. Thanks.

Damn. I was taking Taurine but not near enough so I just ordered it in powder form to use a lot more. I too can’t run at all on cycle and it sucks. I though a high dose of Taurine would do the trick but it seems by reading your post it’s not the case.

I do a lot of long distance cycling in the summer and my lower back gets too pumped up. Not nearly as crippling as the calves while running, but still bothersome.

Sprinting and MMA training (think complete shadow “boxing” and heavy bag work with kicks and grappling drills too) is not affected though, so you might look into that. I too miss doing a simple run.

Quick edit. I’ve been taking 5 GRAMS (5,000mg) of Taurine NOT 5mg. I’ve even taken another 2g after days that I cycle 30 min or more. Still can’t run though.

It’s frustrating because Fall is really the best time to go on long runs and I’m missing out on the great weather here in the Northeast. I was thinking of ending my cycle a few weeks short but my worry is running during my PCT.

I’ve read a lot about not doing too much aerobic during PCT bc you’re susceptible to losing your gains. If a normal PCT is 4-6 weeks is that how long I should be waiting before I go out for a 3-5 mile run?

while taurine can help with cramping, what you’re experiencing is due to increased blood cell counts… until they get close to normal, it isn’t gonna change much. RBC “life” in the body is generally 3-4 months… you might want to back off on the cardio, and do some circuits like SWD mentioned. also, you might even want to looking into donating blood, and slightly lowering your testosterone dose…

i’m surprised you’re having that much of an issue, as your cycle is pretty simple and reasonably dosed.

Honesty it’s not THAT much of an issue. I’ve read that guys who have trouble walking for more than 15 minutes. I can walk forever and cycle forever. It’s just running that makes my feet burn and cramp like hell.

Those calf cramps are no joke. My calves actually hurt for days afterward (not crippling pain like while running, just tensed up and sore).

I really do wonder what pro athletes do to get around this. NFL jog a few laps here and there for example. A lot of MMA fighters and boxers do “road work”, that is, jogging in the morning. To say nothing of track athletes doing 800m +…

I’m beginning a new cycle, and my Taurine powder should arrive today. I’ll let out some blood in a couple weeks too. I’m eager to see if I can run this time.

[quote]PBateman wrote:
Honesty it’s not THAT much of an issue. I’ve read that guys who have trouble walking for more than 15 minutes. I can walk forever and cycle forever. It’s just running that makes my feet burn and cramp like hell.[/quote]

do you think it might be due to a change in running style, weight gain, bad shoes, etc?

i genuinely never had an issues with pumps preventing me from running or drilling before, and i always stay closer to your dosage range.

My taurine powder didn’t arrive as it’s on backorder… Two weeks ago I did a test jogging run and after 12 minutes, ouch. I could barely walk back home, and my left calf and the heel was sore for 4 days.

Yesterday I used 16 caps of 500mg Taurine I had left, so 8g, and wow, freedom! Didn’t get calf pumps and ran for 75 minutes in the woods. Stopping at times to savor the view, but also running uphill and hard at times. Anyway, Taurine seems to be doing the job at this time if taking enough of it. I used to pop 2-4 caps and found it didn’t do shit. But now I know I was not taking near enough.