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Runner's Knee


I've never dealt with a knee issue before but I recently started coaching track and this year one of the athletes has "runner's knee"

What is the cause/What kind of exercises would we include in training to correct this issue? I've already gotten him better shoes and we are working on squatting without rounding the back. I suspect he has weak hips glutes and hams like most people.



hi sport,
it's often hard to tell without doing some assessments - there's no one "the cause" - anything from shoes that stop the feet from moving all their joints, hips that don't know how to move without the pelvis, plain old weakness - any of these things can have an effect on a knee issue.

If you don't have a movement specialist near by, i do a lot of work with athletes (and their coaches) via web cam. Let's set up an assessment as said if you don't have a local expert.

Once the issues addressed (often movement related) it's largely a case of learning some drills that can be practiced to address the issue.

dr mc schraefel, phd cscs


I suspected that would be the answer haha

I'll see what I can do regarding the video. We only have the HS trainer but she is not what I'd call a movement specialist... but is there any type of drill or exercise I should have the athlete perform--- and then what would you recommend looking out for? For example if I have him do a bodyweight squat I notice he has trouble keeping his back in proper alignment and lacks flexibility to do a deep squat.

Overall fitness improvement may indeed be the answer!