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Runner Up Throws Fit


WTF!! guy gets 2nd and throws a fit, roid rage starts @ 1:00


What a horse's ass.


I think it is safe to say that at this point...now that everyone has a camera on them at all times, acting out in public is probably a mistake.


Absolute douche. Pansy throw. Which country is that?


I am guessing Czechoslovakia.

Either way, I guess he's a rock star now.


Fuck it, I've done worse after taking 2nd place at wrestling tournment...and that doesnt take near the commitment as prepping for a bb show.


Crazy Albanians.

At least wait until you get offstage to throw a fit.


I don't buy nor appreciate the continuing flagrent usage of the term roid rage it is inexplicably more to do with the douche factor. This isn't the first time I have seen something like this and I'm sure it won't be the last.

Heavy roid use is far more prevalent in amateur contests as quite a few think that is the only answer but if it was truly roid rage you'd see it at every contest but you don't although you will find varying degrees of assholism. But enough on that.

Basic observations 2nd place is more than honorable and most would still think of you as a good bodybuilder or competitor based on a top 3 finish.

Publicly your second place finish would for the most part fade into oblivian in the general collective memory....that is till you cement it into everyone's mind for eternity by throwing a Bitch Fit for all of humanity to see as has now and or would have made it's self onto YouTube!

On a whole different level man up I get it you feel in your mind you struggled, sacrficed and put everything you had into it and someone tell you that you still fall short. I suggest going into a less subjective sport than bodybuilding. Cause baby you gonna have a lot of those calls coming your way. Well maybe not cause that freak fest might get you banned from the federation. If it does (HA HA HA HA)


Fuckkkk he's Albanian -__-


Thats pretty good video quality for 1992.


This is what I was trying to tell you in that other thread about how you act at work. If you have any size on you at all and EVER lose your cool, you will get branded that way in many professional settings. Meanwhile, some of the older and smallest people I've known in higher positions in hospitals have also had some the shortest tempers...but they're small....so it isn't "roid rage".


Looks like a mundane, sober evening in the Mel Gibson household if you ask me.


I think this is a different 'Bodyguard.'


What a weak ass hissy fit no wonder he got second.


My bad.


the difference being that you we're probably more upset with yourself. I always try to take losses as a personal point to make myself better, however I've done some pretty childish shit after losing football games way back when.


Thats just poor sportsmanship.

I've had to re-evaluate my thoughts on roid rage in the past few years. One guy that I thought was the poster boy for why d-bol and cocaine are a bad combination turns out to have committed a couple of homicides long after he was done using steroids.


i agree. female nurses and little weenie effeminate male nurses throw fits all the time, and people just roll their eyes, but if i so much as raise my voice it is a big deal...when i pointed this out to a doctor...his reply was that if one of those "other nurses" gets upset, that he does not feel he is "in any danger of physical harm", but with me it is another story. i call bullshit still. everyone should have to behave.


Hulk Smash ?


X 2. I will say this when I was an ER nurse I would see trauma surgeons scream and yell at nurses. But not me, I asked one one time and his comment was the same as yours above. I am sure if there was a Doc the size of Prof X and he did this the outcome would be different. Hospital board would be looking to pull his privileges.