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Run Tren Ace When You Run Out of Tren E?

I’m currently on 400 mg of test e with 500 tren e an when I got my next order in it was tren ace 100 instead of my regular tren e 250. This is now in 3rd cycle an I’m cycling down after this. But I’m taking .25 of armidex eod I have nolvadex for pct. just wanted to get a little more shredded for summer. Also what’s the longest I can run tren

there is no ‘longest you can run tren’. Typically, a reasonable duration for tren ace is around 8-12 weeks. Running longer than this causes problems with recovery.

If you want to get shredded for the summer, why not run clen instead? Or on top of this? That makes more sense for your goal.

As a side note, if you want similar effects to what you were getting out of 500 tren e, I would run something like 50mg/day of tren a. It can be dosed significantly lower than E for similar effects.

I never tried clen? I added winny I just did my last tren e this morning so I will be doing the ace on Wednesday Friday Sunday etc. my bf was 15% guess I bulked to hard I’m trying to drop a lot

This is my diet also I’m trying a carb cycle 250 the first day then 150 125 then 100 repeat

  • [ ] M1: 1 cup oatmeal (measure dry) / 50 grams ISO whey / 1/2 cup berries / 1 tbsp peanut butter

  • [ ] M2: 6 oz 96% lean ground beef / 6.5 oz sweet potato

  • [ ] M3: 1 cup white rice /6 oz salmon

  • [ ] Postworkout : 50 grams ISO whey / 50 grams secret sauce by muscle meds

  • [ ] M4: 4 oz chicken breast / 10 oz sweet potato / 1 cup broccoli

  • [ ] M5: 7 oz chicken / 7 oz sweet potato / 10 asparagus

  • [ ] M6: 50 grams ISO whey / 1 oz walnuts