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Run Speed

What kind of workout would help me improve my running speed? I play lacrosse and I’d like to improve it.


Intervals…and resistance with sleds, parachutes, weightvest, etc…

Improve your Reactive strength, I’d recommend Olympic Lifts and hybrids at 50-70%RM. Work on your posterior chain. Wind sprints(intervals) would be good as well as working on your agility, remember lacrosse is not linear.

coach davies. nuff said.

I think your program needs to respect the diverse nature of the game. You need to train respective of agility as well as linear speed. Your workout needs to recognize equally flexibility (static & dynamic), strength (explosive & absolute), agility, proprioreception and linear speed. It will be a pleasure to assist. In faith, Coach Davies

Here’s an exercise.
Run short distances with light sled resistance but keep your legs perfectly straight.
I like 30-40 yard bursts. Go VERY LIGHT on the sled. This stratight leg bounding will fire your hammies like nothing. Try to think of pulling the legs through hard.
This really will help you get faster