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Run, Rick, Run!


Well; it's official

On Saturday, in South Carolina, Gov. Rick Perry will officially announce that he will be running for the GOP nomination for President.

I started a new thread for a few reasons:

1) Discussion about the Governor is scattered among various threads.

2) The ones devoted to discussion about him have become fairly long.

3) None of the threads are directed toward two fundamental questions;

I. How do you think that he fairs among the GOP field? Will he get the nomination?

II. How would he fair against President Obama?

I really don't know much about the Governor, so I don't have much insight.

Let's Discuss.





This is from "Sweet Revenges'" Original Post:

I was really hoping this guy would take the GOP presidential nomination plunge already.

Good jobs/economy creed in Texas - this is a huge plus
Has presidential looks and personality
Seems to have his feet (boots) on the ground compared to Obama's tiresome, floaty, lofty platitudes

Country not ready for another Texan
Too overtly Christian -- with his prayer meeting and all. Maybe he can get away with that in Texas, but it's a turnoff to other parts of the country. Thinking heavily populated northeast cities
Has publically stated that he's not interested in Washington

(Sweet Revenge)


Texas is one of the few states that vests significant power in the office of Lieutenant Governor, making it among the most influential. By contrast, the Lieutenant Governor position in other states has few (if any) legislative responsibilities, akin to the Vice President of the United States. The consequence of a strong Lieutenant Governor of Texas is that the Governor of Texas is weaker than other states' Governors.

It is the second most powerful post in Texas government because its occupant controls the work of the Texas Senate and controls the budgeting process as a leader of the Legislative Budget Board.

Compared to the governors of other U.S. states, the Governorship of Texas is often cited as a fairly weak office.[1][2] In some respects it is the Lieutenant Governor of Texas, who presides over the state Senate, who is a more powerful political figure able to exercise greater personal prerogatives.[1][2]

Rick Perry is everything I hate in a politition.

Does everyone forget that he threatened to secede from the nation during the whole healthcare bill? This is the type of guy you want leading america? The one that is first in line to jump ship. He has tried numorous times to sell off the state lottery and differnt toll roads to forighn investores to ballance the state budget. Funny that things that are proffitablt are even on the table for this idiot, and he would sell them knowing that they would increase costs. Why not just increase costs and keep all the profits for the state? He is a corporate shill.


If he is announcing he is running for president I will have to read up on him. I was spending more time reading up on other candidates as I wasn't sure he was going to run.


Please no.


If I were Romney I'd be very concerned about Perry entering the race.


Romney looks like he is getting pretty beat up in Iowa.



Let me clarify...Romney seems to be getting beat up on the stump...

(He seemed to have done okay in the debate...).



Thank jeebus....Trust me, you do NOT want Romney in the white house.

Captain wishy washy is not even welcome in Utah anymore.


This is interesting...

Is Perry more popular everywhere else that he is in Texas?



I don't like Romney. I also don't like Perry.


Compared to the GOP field I think he looks pretty good. He has business experience in fact he's make millions in business. He ran the Olympics, he's a former Governor. He's a good speaker and he has charisma. He would stand up to Obama quite well in a one on one debate. And most importantly he is electable!


I hope so, I think he'd make a good President. He'd also stand up well against Obama in a debate.

If we put another McCain in there we will get the same result we got in 08', Obama by 7 million votes.

No thanks, I'll back anyone who can beat him.


Now that is odd because they both speak highly of you.



Except for the...you know....whole Mormon thing.

He is a business genius no doubt and a dual MBA/JD from Harvard is nothing to sniff at....but his time as Gov. of Mass with his health care plan he implemented there, no bueno in my book.

He will eventually have to speak publicly about specific church doctrines.....and not that I have anything against the predominant religion in the state where I reside, but it is gonna freak out the religious right in the GOP.


If McCain had chosen him as his VP candidate (perfect position for him I think) they would have been very close to knocking off Obama.


Well, we have religious freedom in this country (contrary to what the atheists on this board would like). And so it shouldn't matter if someone is a Mormon. And I think once people get more familiar with Romney it won't matter much. Back in 1960 the same things were being said about JFK. In his case it was Catholicism. We had never had a Catholic President and many doubted he was electable. But of course history demonstrates that people got over it. In addition to that many of those on the religious right feel that Obama is a Muslim anyway and I doubt it will make a difference in the general election. It may be more difficult to win the nomination, especially now that Perry is in the race.

I think it's time we put religion aside and choose the best possible candidate to beat Obama. As I said on another post, if you had to be rushed to the hospital in need of an emergency operation would you ask if the doctor was a Mormon? No, you'd want the best possible doctor regardless of religion. Well right now this country is suffering a type of illness as well. And we need the best man for the job regardless of race, creed, or gender.


Let's say they would have been "closer" but they still would have lost. The media was far too powerful to beat, and they pushed for Obama like I've never seen the media push for a candidate. Also we'd just finished with a two term republican. History shows us that when a President wins two terms it's very difficult for another of his party to walk into the White House. In fact, I think it only happened once in modern day Presidential politics. That is when Reagan won twice and then Bush (Sr.) was elected in 1988. That was 12 years of republican rule and a very rare occurrence.

One final point McCain was a LOUSY candidate, he was losing no matter what!


22% of Americans say they wouldn't vote for a Mormon. I would take Romney or Huntsman over Perry in a heartbeat.