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Run More or Eat Less?


When on a cutting cycle most professionals cut their calories in an effort to drop fat, but not so much as to lose much muscle. Most also begin a cardio schedule, some doing up to two sessions a day , each for 45 minutes.

Even though these are the typical numbers a lot of bodybuilders do, has there ever been a study saying that doing more/less would be more effective?


You won't find many people who cut calories AND add 2 cardio sessions of 45 minutes each.


I'd drop dead before the first 45 minute cardio session was over.

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The only time I was in the sub-5% BF level was reduced calorie diet and 2 40 minute sessions per day 5 days a week + regular lifting. I lost very little muscle if any. It was tough but damn it worked and I did get used to it after a month.


People getting ready for competitions do this. I wouldn't advise any random average trainer to do it though unless they were more experienced than average.


Interesting question, especially since the proportion of energy coming from bodyfat keeps increasing for a few hours during LIT, so it would seem to make more sense to do longer sessions and less of them? CT reckons that an early session has a beneficial effect on training later that day though, I guess what we really need here is some quantification (which I don't have...).