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Run from Doctors That

I see there are some new TRT patients or people who need TRT seeking doctors.

Let’s get this straight here.

Run from doctors that:

have you injecting with ANY dose with a frequency of less than once per week
say your condition is “all in your head”
in softer words, say feeling like shit is “normal for your age”
say that your level is in the normal range, even though it’s low normal (300 to 400) and you have symptoms of hypogonadism
and/or have you coming in for weekly injections (of course with the nice cash payment or insurance payment plus your co-pay that comes along with the respective visits) as if you are a child instead of a big boy (you know, over twelve years old) who knows how to draw medicine out of a vial and gently place a needle in your showered and hygienic body.

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Couldn’t find another thread to stick this on, so here it is.

I loved your video on your experience with TRT. Why did you remove it from youtube? I used to like watching it to calm myself when i panicked thinking about life long commitment of therapy. Would like to hear more about how it feels to go from completely healthy young male to have an apparent dependency on medication. I’m at a very similar age to when you started therapy.

Sorry for the late reply, but I do not visit this forum as often as I used to. I thank you for the compliment on the video, but with the way I want my channel to go and for my other aims, I rather not discuss TRT openly anymore considering that an overwhelming amount of people in the so-called “fitness community” do not understand that TRT is NOT the same as “doing steroids” or engaging in “cycles”, nor does it give one an “edge” but rather is solely medicinal with medicinal efftects. There is no damn edge and I should know considering I’ve been using it for fourteen years under the practice of a competent urologist as well as needing HCG to have a kid, things that are totally related to health and normal functioning well being and NOT to build big muscles. I aim to compete in the fall of this year and being a TRT patient I don’t feel like proving logical things with idiots that take up space in the “community”.

Message me on google with my email there (same as my email address) or on Facebook (you obviously know my name) and follow me on Instagram @masmacros. I will engage in conversation with you privately on the topic.

Hey man, i searched up on Facebook. I’ve added you.