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Run Forrest, Run


I was out running down the sidewalk the other day, and somebody yelled "run, forrest run" out of their car window at me. This is not the first time somebody has yelled this at me.(I look nothing like Tom Hanks, by the way) I thought nothing of this 13 YEARS AGO when the movie came out, but now I am at the point where I wish people who had the impulse to yell this at running men could be imprisoned and face-raped by their cellmate. I am otherwise completely un-evil.

Is "run forrest run" the eternal war cry of imbecilic lardasses throughout English speaking countries, or simply in my neck of the woods? (Minnesota)


Run Forrest, run!

I had to beat Zap to it.


I couldn't even get mad at something like that though. It's like someone calling me lazy while I'm running, it just doesn't make sense. Besides, Forrest Gump was a hell of a runner, so maybe it's sort of a backass compliment. I guess you could always throw a rock through their windshield and face-rape them after they crash into a tree.


He WAS a hell of a runner. He was also legally retarded. I guess I believe they are referring to that side of the coin. The general thought process I imagine in their heads is something like "gee, a guy running. Not from the police, not on a treadmill, no racing sponsor spandex shorts. That is fucked up. He must be mentally deficient or crazy in some way. I should comment."


It's not a tumor.


You're mad because someone yelled "run forrest, run" at you? You're a fucking baby.

If you want real roadside torment then spend some time as a cyclist on the harsh roads of America. 90% of everyone who drive a car hates cyclists and feel that it is their god giver right to run their sub-human, healthy, hippie asses to the side of the road.

Prepare to be hit and nudged by moving vehicles. Prepare to have beverages and ash trays emptied upon you. Prepare to be constantly overwhelmed with the knowledge that you could kick these asshole's asses if you could just catch up to them.


Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.


But you can't catch up to them, because you're on a bike... And apparently those sub-human, healthy (is that an insult?), hippie asses are smart enough to recognize that fact.

On the other hand, people who do things like that should be shot in the knee caps and forced to ride three-wheeled racing wheelchairs down the side of an interstate.


this is stupid I know but that last sentence is great...so true....idiots think that you have no right to be on the road or anywhere near it when on a bike


It happens.

What does?



Then stop riding in the middle of the fucking road.

I am amongst those who hate cyclists, don't mind me.


Where do you live? I ran track in high school and college and have covered more hundreds and hundreds of miles than I care to think of in one instance. Yet, I've never had anything like that yelled at me.


Comments like that drive me insane. Out of rage I would be ready to beat their ass. After awhile you cool down though, and you get a feeling of satisfaction; they are doomed to an early grave because of their laziness, ignorance, and stupidity. Most of the time in situations like that I end up feeling sorry for the individual who insulted me.


Maybe its becuase you run like a gimp?


She tasted like cigarettes.


LOL this is kinda funny!

Maybe you do run like a gimp, who knows....maybe you should videotape yourself running and see if you look retarded or something. LMAO!!

I also get that "run Forrest run" comment, from friends, but we're just making fun of each other. I'd kick any stranger's ass that said it, lol.

The thing is, perhaps this may call for some self-observation. Seriously. When strangers make fun of you, they could be observing something about you that you may not realize.

I learned this because one day, while on patrol as a security guard and walking out of a gas station, I got back into the car and a stranger walked out after me, imitating the way I was walking in a mocking way. He was doing a "tough" ILS (Imaginary Lat Syndrome) strut, walking like he had big nuts with legs spread out, and walking stiff like a robot. It was an exaggeration of my walk at the time.

I was pissed, and I was going to have a go at beating the snot out him. He blew a kiss at me and drove off.

I realized, I wasn't even big at the time, yet I was trying to walk tough and had a major case of ILS. So I toned it down and learned to relax my walk, and be more natural. It was a lesson learned.

Now I'm a lot bigger, I still don't try to walk around looking tough, I just be natural and any strength I have will show through anyway.


Oh yeah, cyclists on the road piss me off too!

I don't know if it's the gimpy looking helments, the gay looking tight outfits and shaved male legs, the fact that they get in my way, or the male ass that I DO NOT want to see bobbing up and down in my face, but it's annoying as fuck.

I realize they have rights to road use, but I wish there were separate bicycle lanes where they could ride. Slow moving, fragile humans on bicycles do not belong on the same road as fast moving, deadly, heavy vehicles. That's the way I feel.


My town has a separate bike path set back about 15 feet from the road in a number of areas.

The Lance Armstrong wannabes NEVER use it and insist on riding in a lane even when it is dark. I almost ran one over the other day because I didn't see him until the last second. No lights, no visible reflectors but he was wearing a tight yellow shirt!

Needless to say I verbally berated him for his foolishness.


perhaps their comments are borne out of envy. envy that you have the motivation they lack. just take it as a complement and carry on improving yourself.


just start packing heat and shoot their tires out. simple and effective.