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Run and Alcohol?

Dear super athlete :smiley:
I have a question that I would love if you could answer me â?¦

I have just assigned me to my first 1/2 marathon (21 km) which is the 23 of June I Denmark.
I it called â??Aabenraa Bjerg Maratonâ?? means that there is a lot of hills so it probably going to by a tough trip

Right now I follow a really good trainings schedule and Iâ??m really in to this !!
But but but â?¦ a month before the run (24-27 may) I have to go to this big festival/party weekend, where (as you prob. recognized) Iâ??m going to drink in three days.

Of cause I keep telling my self that I donâ??t want to drink that much because I donâ??t wonâ??t to start all over again with the training. There is going to be a lot of fast-food this weekend as well, and a lot and beers and different kind of alcohol…
( I just HAVE to go to this festival its a tradition and its the only weekend each year where Iâ??m really drinking like a B****)

So here is my question â?? what shall I do about the training when Iâ??m coming back from the festival.
Shall I just keep on my trainings plan which is:
1 x 14 km, 1 x 10 km and interval of 5x 1000m???

Another question, what happens with the body when we are drinking like that, or just drinking one night?
Hopeful you can give me some good answers and serious answers, please donâ??t say anything if you donâ??t know any-thing about it :slight_smile:

I trained for a half marathon awhile ago and was a few weeks away from it and all ready to go but fucked up my foot randomly. That being said, I drank every weekend usually at least friday and sometimes once during the week (I was 20/21) and I would just continue with my training program like nothing happened. The day or two after drinking/smoking is always brutal when running but the human body is amazing and you can fight through it, if you have the will power.

[quote]chi3ftain wrote:

Another question, what happens with the body when we are drinking like that, or just drinking one night?


your muscles are sloppy, and your tendons are loose also. and the alcohol depletes your electrolytes in your leg muscles.

if you get up in the morning after drinking and replenish your electrolytes, you should be fine for the most part.


Focus on re-hydration and re-plenishing your energy stores through appropriate nutrition. Also be-aware alcohol causes inflammation within the body affecting recovery so try to eat some anti-inflammatory foods.