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Pssst. I heard a little rumor that T-mag may be giving away something very cool in this Friday's update. Of course, we probably wouldn't give it to just ANYONE; it would have to be a registered T-man.

(Hint: If you're not registered, go do it now before you miss out!)

not to sway any decisions…but i would think what ever is given should be givin to a dedicated newbie that still doesnt have crazy experience as a t-man…but damn well will do anything for a t-man as a fellow t-man. i could use something cool…plus im a broke college kid…hahha…ok ok enuf sympathy…im headed to the gym.

Is the prize going to be the pair of boots that TC paraded around in for his photo with Toney?

MBE: “His boots we’re made for kicking, and that’s just what they’ll do. Since 1237.”


I just signed up!

How bout a little help for a struggling father of two? Ah, hell, I just want to know what it is.

Pity appeals! How pathetic! Just bribe them like I’m going to do!

Hey, TC, Tim and Chris, wanna meet my sister? Come on, guys, they called her “doorknob” in high school! Hubba hubba!

Seriously, can we get a hint at what this is?

I don’t care…I never win anything anyways…pout

I got a rock…

All I can say is, I love this forum. You guys at TMAG really make it fun and interactive, not to mention the goldmine of information provided here or the great Biotest sups! In other words, it’s not just some website that gets an update bi-annually. Keep it up!

Yeh Im the same way I never win a damn thing…;0( 0
00I I00
00 00

Damn, TEK, that was YOUR sister? :slight_smile:

Who cares what it is, It’s only a day away, hold your horses.

how’s this for bribery…currently taking tribex and M and Methoxy…just bought MD6 and T2 Pro…will continue Methoxy Use for at least another 4-6 weeks…probably going to buy some low carb GROW…and i even subscribed to the Mag…damn that’s a lot of money…love my charge cards

I have 10 bottles of MD-6, 4 bottles of the old T-2, 2 bottles of T-2 Pro, 4 bottles of ZMA, 8 boxes of Lemon bars, 2 containers of Grow, 2 containers of Surge, and 8 bottles of Methoxy in my closet that I have purchased in the last months.

Well if were doing the bribe thing. I’m buying the beer if I win TC

seeing as I am a poor college student all I can offer as a bribe is my man-flower…

Hehe, reminds me of the Ren and Stimpy episode where they get jobs (yobs) in the zoo and Filthy the Monkey dances around insanely and is rewarded with generous amounts of food. Ren follows suit and recieves “A rock!?” Then he chucks it at the kid. That just flat out ruled. Lata.

MBE: “I wanna be a monkey, monkey monkey monkey! Since 1990.”


hey chris-thanks for the grow bars they taste great. Maybe you guys could give away some t-shirts next:)