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Rulon Gardner on The Biggest Loser


I know, I know, BL is a pretty terrible show, but this should be somewhat interesting to watch. The man has had some serious setbacks since he won the Gold medal, but this SHOULD be a joke. He was a wrestler for crying out loud...losing weight is something he became accustomed to from an early age. He should easily outclass his competition on this show.


This interested me too.


Except he had to cut weight to make to make his class and when they dropped it from 285 to 265 he had an admittedly really hard time making weights... hes not a small guy and will plateau pretty fast(relative to the other contestants). he's not gonna drop down to 200lbs like the other contestants will.

Am I the only one here who actually likes this show?


Nope. I like it. Sure the trainers do weird things waaaay unlike the majority of members here, but I like it anyway. Shit, they have a Prowler, that's got to count for SOMETHING, right?

And sure, each week isn't exactly 1 week, and everyone "cheats" and all that shit but still, I like it and like seeing these people that start out at 4-500 pounds drop the equivalent of an entire person in a matter of weeks.


^ i used to like it but now its all really bad advertising and not enough show stuff


I like the show.

Yes another season of obese slobs who will be put through ridiculous workouts which none of them are near ready for. I am still shocked no one has yet died on the show. I know a few ocassions where people passed out, but some of these people are so fat and sick, they should be dead. The one contestant on this season was said to be 80% fat ! I don't know if that is true or just a speculative statement, but I can't imagine it being far off being 5'8 and 507 lbs.

I also hate the new male trainer. Sorry, but the moment someone says, "I am one of the best trainers in the country..." you have lost all credibility with me. We have seen some awesome trainers here on this site, or just contribute articles, and none of them would ever consider themselves as "one of the best."

Sorry but that capoeira bullshit will get PWNED by any decent MMA guy. He is just another pussy with hawt abz.


Yes to too much advertising, and yes to the new trainer guy sounding like a toolbag. You're obviously not a shitty trainer if you're being brought on the show, don't brag like a dickhead. Fucker.


I don't know when this series will get to the USA but my wife and I have been watching previous seasons whenever possible. The second season of the Asian version just finished around 2 months ago (?).


I like it. Have to fast forward through alot of it though (the endless product placement etc.)


Watched this show for the first time ever to see how Gardner did. I cringed when he said he was working harder there than he did when he was on the Olympic team. This show is such exploitative shlock it's really hard to watch. not sure how long my curiosity will override my general disgust for the obnoxious trainers and artificial drama. Id get thrown off after i socked that Jillian chick in the grill.


i used to like the show alot but it was mostly because i just liked looking at jillian but its gonna be her last season on the show, the new female trainer looks good tho but this new guy i already hate heres his infomercial for rev abs.....


I am shocked, SHOCKED, that that guy ^^^ is "one of the best trainers in the country."


I have to admit I like the show too. Maybe I watch it because it makes me feel superior but it's also pretty awesome to see them lose the weight and get fit. At the end they run a marathon. I couldn't do it.

However, I really dislike both Jillian and Bob. Bob in particular appears to have some wasting disease. He gets more ferretlike with every show. In addition, everyone cries. There's an awful lot of grown men crying for each other and hugging. Do you think it turns them gay? I think it did with one guy. Okay maybe he was gay when he got there and it took me the entire season to realise. Still.


yea i cant wait to get into the "REV ZONE"!!!

this is the girl in the first part of the vid

edit: this girl might not have any certifications and has probably never trained anyone herself


Rulon, is someone who has always struggled to make weight. Even as a super heavy. In his book "Never Stop Pushing" he talks about himself pushing near 400 pounds and eating whole large pizzas everyday during the summers off between his time at Ricks College and the University of Nebraska.

I see him dominating at the beginning but plateauing out probably mid-way through the season.


I half assed watch the show these days. I fast forward to the weigh in. I'm not interested in their life stories, or 400 pound people running on treadmills their first day. I agree it's amazing no one's died yet. But just knowing this guy won gold in the Olympics makes me really want to see him succeed.


I used to watch it back when it first started. I remember they once had a former collegiate wrestler on. The guy did know about manipulating weight. He rigged winning a weigh-in by deliberately drinking a lot of water and eating extra salt (which shocked everyone on the show when he actually gained weight), just to then cut water and come back to the next weigh-in with something like a 30-lb loss. Bob the trainer was pissed about it, and the guy's team took the very first opportunity to vote him off.

That was part of what made me dislike the show and ultimately stop watching it: the Survivor-style alliances and popularity contests. That has nothing to do with weight loss! Then there were all the dumb product placements and the antiquated, low-fat approach to dieting. But the clincher for me was the inane training. I suspect they are inducing orthopedic injuries in a lot of these severely obese people, but I don't expect the show to admit that on the air. I'd like to see a version with T-Nation contributors as the trainers. That would be must-see TV!


its cause he's a vegan


You mean like the Physique Clinic they ran with Thibs a couple years back?


Wonder if they would ever repeat something like that. Even a "where are they now" would be interesting. I can only imagine that it's not in line with the direction of marketing of this site, apart from V-Diet section.