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Rules to Help Fantasy Football League


So I play in 3 separate fantasy football leagues (yes I'm an addict) and a couple of incentives have helped in my leagues. My leagues used to have problems with people not calling in their line ups some time after the middle of the season when they had no hope for winning the title or a top 3 placing to win cash.

A good preventative was a weekly loser. Anyone who had the worse point total for the week depending on what league I was in had to pay 10 to 15 dollars. If you drafted a crappy team, you can be out up to another 170 to 255 dollars after the year.

Another was a bonus for the longest passing TD, longest running TD and longest receiving TD. So you still had a chance to make money up to the last week of the season.

Anyone else have any rules/incentives for their leagues.


we just have a $20 extra fee if you are the last place guy at the end of the season but that's it. paying another $200ish sounds Captain Insano


Ya I agree. The $20 fee for last place is a great idea but doing that every week is insane. i wouldnt want to be in that league. If $20 doesnt help then up it to $40-60.


I've got some porterhouse steaks and a keg of October fest between me and my cousin.