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Rules I Taught My Daughter


Being a single father I have had the luxury of have a major influence on my daughters up bring! I have taught her some very simple rules to make life with or with out a partner easier!

1/ If I can lift a toilet seat you can lower one.
2/ Never diet, workout and make it part of your life.
3/ Who cares where the toilet paper is as long as you can reach it.
4/ If a guy hits you kick the crap out of him, then leave him!
5/ Protein is good for you.
6/ Yes guys are always thinking about sex, yes that means me to.
7/ If you're pissed off say so.
8/ Never use sex as a weapon in a relationship.
9/ Valentines Day is stupid!
10/Women should lift weights.
11/If you don't look out for yourself who will.
12/Never trust anyone that says "trust me"!

Some guy is going to owe me BIG time!!


ahahah very nice just one thing

8/ Never use sex as a weapon in a relationship.

They all do!


You might be the best father ever. No really. If I ever have a little girl, she will hear EXACTELY this


how old is she




My daughter is seventeen going on thirty. She enjoys lifting weights with me and has been in MA for nine years. Has a protein shake at least once a day and takes fish oil with her meals.

I raise my daughter through example. I made a deal with her that I would quit drinking alcohol and smoking pot if she stayed away from it until she was nineteen, so far so good.

She also has me rapped around her finger, for the most part. Never shops in a department store, that's killing me. Has her eye and mind set on a two thousand dollar tattoo, ouch.

Most of all I'm just happy she's into weights and MA. Plus the fact that she doesn't care that the TP is never on the roller.


Me, I gotta have it mounted on the wall.


How'd you teach her this stuff?
I mean, yeah, live by example... but not to use sex as a weapon in a relationship? How did you bring that one up?

Trust me, I can't wait to hear this one :slightly_smiling:


13) Stay away from poles.


oh lawd.....


I really don't think there is a topic my daughter and I have not discussed. The power of communication can work wonders. Sex as a weapon is basically distilled by expressing yourself when you're pissed of. But I have discussed the use of sex as a weapon with her and explained the stupidity and destructiveness of it's use.

I can promise success in this matter but she did agree with me that it is stupid and as she stated "very immature", I can only hope.

I am only hoping, through her up bringing, that I can assist my daughter with her future relationships. By giving her a truthful male perspective on every topic. I am not trying to control her. Just let her know the way it is from a males point of view.

I also believe that her self confidence through weight training and MA. Will assist her when confronting the masculine male. Her really enjoys fighting the guys at MA classes.


14) Don't lie about your age!

My date last weekend was with an "18 year old college student" who turned out to be a barely-17 year old in the 11th grade.

(Coffee was great, but she can call me when she really is a college student.)



you think you actually know your daughter, but you probably don't never will fully. She probably does a lot of stuff you would disapprove of and just agrees with you since your her dad and wants to make you happy.


Streamline -

Very nice list. I can boil that down to 3 things we must teach our daughters (I have 2):

1) Strength (physical and emotional)
2) Self-respect
3) Humility

There is a great book I would recommend to all parents although it is written in the context of father/daughter relationships. Some very good teen daughter stories.

"Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters" by Dr. Meg Meeker



How long or rather since what age (of hers) did you become a single dad?
I'm no father but rather very close to my neice;whose 14, an I have told her a few of these same things an hoepfully she'll live by them.


She was two. To clarify I co-patent, I have my daughter every other week. My daughter is a sponge when I tell her the thing I tell her. I have also never lied to my daughter, it's a trust issue.


Everyone has their private thoughts and do thinks they don't talk about and I'm cool with that. I respect my daughters privacy.

You do remind me of all the parents that used to say, "wait till she's a teenager". Well she is and they can only dream of having a relationship like we have. I am not your typical parent. Our relationship is slowly changing from father to best friend.

My daughter also understands that know matter what she does I will always love her. I'm not worried, I raised her right!


Just don't buy her a vibrator.


Good list.

Lol @ #1. I said that to my ex all the time.


My daughter is 16. I have told her alot of what you said, and also this gem:

A boy will do or say anything to have sex with you.He will beg, he will try as hard as he can to find the magic words to get you to say yes. Then he will tell someone about it.
Part of being a boy and having sex is telling your friends about it.

Also, if a boy is not willing to meet your father, he is not worth going out with. Her boyfriends have a healthy fear of me, which is good, but if they treat me with respect, I will treat them with respect.


Oh so true. It wasn't until I had a daughter that I understood that not getting laid was not because of the mother but the father. I can assure you my daughter and I have had that discussion. I has vary honest with her, I told from my experiences this worked and that didn't. She laughed for an hour!