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Rules for Importing?


Currently travelling in thailand. Have read a few posts which have been very helpful. But just for peace of mind (as of todays date), what are the rules on importing a small ammount of steroids, obviously for personal use into the UK by plane in non carry-on luggage.



Great question I am curious for the USA as well.


Steroids are illegal in the USA...which is why this forum is completely and totally hypothetical in nature...duh.


but hypothetical advice would be greatly appreciated (regarding rules to UK)


Prescription only.


hypothetically speaking.

bringing drugs into the us from another country is by script only.
catch is this.
the script has to be a us doctor and the drugs be fda regulated us market drugs.

so can you go to mexico get a script and come back with stuff, possible but more likely they will take it from you and tell you to see your doc here.

Thailand is the same go there and bring back a script and they say nope.
however its different if you live in Thailand and you are seeing a doc there and making a small visit to the us then you can bring your personal stash to the us for the duration of your stay but you might want to check with the country you are going to and coming from first to see the full regulations they can be tricky and you can land in jail real easy


Sorry to slightly change to topic, but what about taking the gear on a plane on domestic flights? (obviously in checked bags).


usps is safer than airlines
they check scripts still for domestic flights
not always but randomly

while still illegal its safer also casue how many times do airline baggage handlers lose or damage things


How safe would it be if you stuck some orals in vitamin containers/bottles in your bags during a US domestic flight? Would checked bags or carry-on be safer? Hypothetically of course.



In your checked bags in vitamin bottles the risk would be near zero.

I am currently debating taking 1 10ml vial of test and syringes in my checked luggage vs. usps or fed ex over night. Still not sure what I should do.


Can someone answer my original question please?


you would be ok ,even if they find going into the uk the worst they would do is take if you if they even did that

a couple of vials is no big deal in the uk


1 vial of Test? Shit, i'd risk that - and not the sryinges. In an x-ray sryinges stick out like a sore thumb, 1x10ml vial wont at all.. Hide it though. Sryinges are easily enough attained legally in many states... especially enough for i vial (useless? I think so).
Saying that, 1 vial of test and sryinges are easily enough attained in the states illegally.
I would prefer to be caught at home receiving a package than whilst carrying 'drugs' and 'needles' over the border...

As for a few pills in vitamin bottles - i once (from US to UK) placed 5x5mg tabs in the emptied shells of supplement capsules, resealed it and placed it in the checked luggage. That was fine.

In fact, once i got to the UK it felt a little overboard TBH...

However, UK to US customs are more stringent than US to UK IME.



My bad, I was referring to a US domestic flight. Thought I edited it but it didn't take.


BenceJones: Thanks for the input. I agree with Brook, you could probably get the vial through but I'd skip the syringes.

Brook: That's a pretty slick trick. I wish I had thought of that myself!



If you were reading my blog you'd already have your answer :slightly_smiling:

As long as your AS are Thai FDA approved and inside your hold luggage you will have no problem taking a personal use amount to the UK.


Without a prescription?


Yes a UK resident ( and as far as I know foreign nationals ) would not need a script to bring 'real' HG AS into the UK in personal use amounts. ( technically they could be dicks and seize UG stuff ). They may even make you pay tax on them if you're unlucky.


Hmm.. cool.

I remember the guy that introduced me to AAS back in 98/99 who told me that they were legal to possess and use, just not to buy and sell.

Is that still the case? I always deal in UGL stuff - as do many these days - and i was told that this was a classified substance, C for example maybe. I dont recall.

What is the truth SBC?




Send a message to BBB, he would have the largest knowledge of the laws surrounding steroids in the UK