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Rules at This 'Health Club'


The guy who sold me membership said I could deadlift off the floor. I am no longer a member here.


Looks like the rules they post at the Gold's I go to minus all that fluffy family faggot shit.

"Daddy, can we go to the park?"

"No son, we're going to a place that will accept this family as a whole... the health club!"

On a side note, doesn't everyone love the sound of heavy weights hitting the floor? Music to my ears personally.


I have the exact same sign over my bed, minus #1. I wanna hear that weight droppin'.


Dont drop the weights when you deadlift, problem solved.


God I wanna open a gym. I'd have a poster as you walked in. Our goal is to create a hostile, and intimidating environment, if you don't like it, pack up your vagina and get the fuck out.


Sure, I'll make sure to be real quiet when I crank out my 5RM with no chalk. I never let the weights slip out of my hands on purpose but I'll be dammed if I'm gana ease them down and waste the energy I need for the last rep.


Haha, they couldn't even spell chalk right.


It's a business. They can't just survive on people like us. They need people that are actually fat and have no idea how to workout.....


I'd train there.


Guys I don't think there was anything out of the question in there.

1: Agreed...don't drop weights if you're not an Olympic lifter...which I doubt you are.
2: Well, be sure you're the kind of guy that actually NEEDS chaulk(sic) then we'll talk.
3: Jeans? flip-flops? Who'd wear those anyway?
4: True..I hate the guys that stop by in a hurry to do biceps so just leave their bag on the next bench.
5: I guess this place has some sort of daycare area...so what?


Besides the first one, the rest are pretty standard. I've been to more restrictive gyms (read: planet fitness & super fitness)

I'm sure you can find another place within a respectable distance that will allow our kind.


I got bitched at by the Fitness club Nazi for carrying my training log around with me and putting it under the bench during sets...

I got bitched at by same Nazi for doing a super set in a practically empty gym because I was "hogging" the equipment...

Same chick for drinking a PWO drink on my way out of gym because "water is the only drink allowed." I was 15ft from the damn door....

I got bitched at for answering my phone in the locker room because it could have been a master plot to photo naked middle aged men with my camera phone....

I got bitched at for stacking up some 45s under a bench to create a decline effect....

I got bitched at for not using clips when warming up....

... for not having a spotter...

for grunting during a set...

But its a free gym with nice equipment so whatever.


I go to the most pedestrian gym in my town (fitness first), loads of cardio machines, loads of weights machines, and plenty of bosu balls.

But then you go round the corner and if you blur your eyes of all the hardcore bicep buiders its actually a pretty good gym.
2 Squat racks; dumb bells up to 50kg; about 4 olympic bars and plenty of plates, and no one gives a shit if you throw weights around and generally make a racket. Makes me feel fairly priveleged when i read these threads.


I go between 2 gyms, a "Y" and a PL gym. The "Y" has the sanitized rules above, which, to their credit they turn a blind eye to some of us who have proven to be responsible for cleaning up chalk, re-racking weights that aren't ours, etc.

At the PL gym there are 3 rules: In the main part of the gym it's "Please wipe down the equipment" and "Please re-rack your weights". In 'the pit', where the heavy shit is (monolift, racks, heavy dbs, chains, etc), the rule is "For rack work and Tbar rows, please use the orange painted bars".....


I used to lift at a "Y" and I second what Steely said...They usually turn a blind eye. I never felt I had to hide my chalk use at all, but I always cleaned up after myself so I think they didn't care much...and this was a brand new Y only about 5 years old and set up with a health club feel to it.

I'm not sure that my new gym actually has any set rules except no open toed shoes/work boots and no jeans. But most people who go there exercise some level of common sense and clean up after themselves ... so there's that.

I think a lot of the gyms that post rules like that have a high traffic of messy, disrespectful people who ruin it for everyone else. Either that or a bunch of sandy vaginas.


So Nards, what kind of lifter are you?

1: Agreed...don't drop weights if you're not an Olympic lifter...which I doubt you are.
--As pointed out earlier, sometimes the bar slips. Oh, but that's when one is trying to progress.

2: Well, be sure you're the kind of guy that actually NEEDS chaulk(sic) then we'll talk.
--Define please. Seems like anyone who doesn't want the bar to slip from their hands....or am I missing something?

3: Jeans? flip-flops? Who'd wear those anyway?
--The jeans I'll give ya, but to play devil's advo, how about the guy who was running late that morning and doesn't have anything else right then? The flops...uh, yeah, that would be me. That's as close to bare foot I'm willing to go in a public place and while I'm looking into the Vibrams....$1.50 vs $80 hmmmmmmmm. Seems like an extra $78.50 for protein to me.


Nards, you need to remove that picture of Conan if you are going to side with them.

  1. I do perform olympic lifts, but even if your doing just deadlifts, everytime you put down the weight it makes a sound you can hear. Even when you put a box on the ground it makes a sound!

  2. So we need to clear using chalk? If you are actually use and know what its used for, you probably need it. Then you have to go through the whole qualification on "need".

The whole thing is bs, but it's their gym and their rules. They are obviously targetting a certain market group, which I do not fall under.


reading this i feel really lucky. the only rule at my gym is dont drop the weights, but thats because theres a habidashery under us thats run by old women, and they complain. apart from that theyre brilliant. they dont bitch at you for not haing a spotter (although i do) they offer to help. they dont give a shit what you drink, they all really friendly. im trying to get a job there at the moment to be honest, just a really good place to be.


deal with it, or work out at home. rules are rules whether they are stupid or not, take your business somewhere else if it effects your workout that much.


There is no clear cut meaning of "drop" here. I used to workout in a gym where the personal trainer chastised me for doing deadlifts for reps. The sound of 500 lbs being sat on the floor was too much for her. AT NO TIME was the bar dropped, only lowered under control. That noise was too much for her. This was the same personal trainer who told me I could do lighter weights and get the same result.
I understand the gyms position though, they are catering to a specific market, one that pays their bills. Join a gym that allows you to train as you please.