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Rule of Thumb for Big 3 Ratios?


Hi All,

I’ve been lifting seriously for about 8 months now. My 1RM in the big 3 are currently (lbs):
Bench = 250
Squat = 325 (Ratio to Bench = 1.30)
Dead = 360 (Ratio to Bench = 1.44)

I’m curious whether there is a rule of thumb when it comes to the ratios between these lifts, or if it’s just specific to each individual. My body type is ectomorph with long legs/arms and narrow shoulders (6’1" 200 lbs - up 25 lbs from when I started).

Let me know if there seem to be obvious weaknesses in one or more of my specific lifts.


IMO - total is all that matters…use a little more focus on the lift that’s holding back your total from going up.

I don’t see anything way out of whack with your numbers. Keep lifting.


Forget about body type and ratios. Get every lift as strong as you can instead. That will shift your focus to finding optimal training and technique for you, which is a much more more productive use ofnyour energy.