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Rule of Thumb for Anastrozole?


Is there a rule of thumb on how much anastrozole to take in relation to the T dosage?

I have been on the KSMAN protocol for several years (THANK YOU KSMAN!) and T & E have been maintained well (T around 1000 and E2 around 25)

I recently decided to up the T beyond the TRT dose for a little while to maximize my training effects. I went from 40 mg Test EOD to100 mg EOD. (also taking hCG 300 iu EOD and 1/2 tablet of Armidex twice a week).

I have done this in the past (only going to 80 mg EOD for Test) and upped to Arimdex to 1/2 table 3x a week and my Estradiol went down to 16 pg/ML and I felt terrible.

This time I decided to leave the Armidex dose the same and now my Estradiol is 91 and I feel horrible!

I am trying to avoid a lot of trial and error (and frequent trips to the lab), so I was wondering if there was rule of thumb that would be helpful in getting this dialed in.

Also, be interested in any best practices splitting the doses. Cutting pills in half is not very precise and doesn’t allow taking even lower doses more frequently.



No easy answer for this. There is a linear relationship between T dose and Adex dose up to a point. IOW, if you were to up your T dose by 20%, you could confidently increase your Adex by 20% and be good. The average dose for guys on TRT is 1mg of Adex for every 100mg of T. However, folks taking 500mg of T are not taking 5mg of Adex. So that’s what makes answering your question tough. You are planning to up your T dose by a factor of 2.5, so that would make your new Adex dose 2.5mg per week. That’s a lot of Adex. If it were me, I’d try upping the Adex and taking it more often so it matches the T injections. Maybe start with 1.5mg of Adex in three divided doses and see how you feel.


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Nashtide provided the short story.
Do get private labs to see were this goes.

You need to also be checking:

Do not make well thought out dose changes, as you have learned.
It take a week for a dose change to resolve to final serum levels, so you cannot make short term gut instinct dose changes.


Thanks Nashtide & KSMAN. I appreciate the input.


If you buy a pill cutter at the pharmacy, you can easily cut the pills in half accurately. If you need a smaller dose, it’s best to dissolve tabs in alcohol and dispense using a 1cc syringe. Make a solution by placing 3 tabs in 3mls of vodka and allow to dissolve. Then draw up any amount using the 1cc syringe. This is a concentration of 1mg/ml. So 0.25ml=0.25mg and so on.



I got to ask a newbie question: After drawing up the 0.25 ml in the syringe are you just squirting the solution into your mouth?


Lol. Yes, just squirt it in then drink a glass of water. Some guys who use very small volumes just squirt it under their tongues.


Update: Good news & bad news. Help Needed.

Good: 1/2 tablet EOD brought E2 down to 24.9 pg/ML

Bad: feel pretty bad, I have shortness of breath, water retention (pitting at the ankle/calf when I take off my socks) and often feel like my forearms and feet are “asleep”, actually it feels like a combination tingling and a wicked pump. Also notice joints ache.


Would these have anything to do with E2 levels?

Also if I continue 1/5 tab Armidex EOD does it make any difference if I take it the days I take T or hCG injections?

CBC values normal, hematocrit 48.7%.

Appreciate any input. Thanks.