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Ruin a Wish!


This is a little game that I've played on other forums. Essentially, one person make a wish, and the person that posts after him grants it, but ruins it.

For example:

Poster 1: I wish I could find my cell phone.

Poster 2: ^Granted. You find it half digested in a steamer your dog left on your bed.

Then poster 2 makes a wish.

Here we go!

I wish that it wasn't so ridiculously hot outside today.


^granted, but you now have aids

I wish this thread would die


Wish granted, but it wont be now.

I wish I had a pool right now.


You have a pool, but it's this one and this dog left a steamer in it.

I wish Prof X would say hi to me in the hallways.


^ He does, right before beating you up and taking your lunch money.

I wish I could find true love.


He says hi to you, but follows it up with "I don't date white guys."


You can because you are gay.


OK. Did someone edit something?




you do but then a dog leaves it in a steamer on your bed

then you eat it


You just knew how the wish would end!


Let's get this thread on track....

I wish I could have a threesome.


Christine and LankyMofo need to stop F'ng up the Wish Train and get it back on track.


Granted. You have a threeosome with Gary Busey and Amy Winehouse.

I wish I could tolerate the taste of broccoli since it's such a good cutting food.


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they don't, but your feet and hands have been swapped, so now when you go to scratch your nuts, you kick yourself in the balls, and when you go to kick someone's ass, you actually grab a big handfull.

i wish i could finally get a MMF with some ppl from T-Nation


you do

but youre the F

then a dog leaves it in a steamer on your bed


Granted, however its with ChickenTuna, and an unsuspecting lady boy.

I wish I could stop farting from all that protein I eat.


Granted. You never do protein farts again. They come out your mouth instead. But only during sex.

I wish I could go to Egypt on a diving holiday


This thread has potential.