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Rugs ... Fact or Fiction?


(No, this isn`t a sex thread.)

On the net...

School #1: Rugs are a breeding ground for tons of microorganisms. Get rid of them. Nothing good in keeping them. The only reason you`re stuck with rugs is because the previous owner had money to spend on other things than real flooring. (...) Your average rug is full of dirt, 50 pounds heavier than when it was brand new.

School #2: Its all in your head. I have lived in houses full of carpets and never had any health issues. This is just another urban myth. Just keep it clean and youre OK.

What`s your take?

I bought a condo where the rugs are probably 20 years old. I say probably because the water heater was 20+ years old and I had to change it. I doubt the previous owners changed the carpet during that same period.

Now if that 50-pounds-heavier thing is true ...


Well if taht's the case then nearly the whole of the UK should have Health issues, as nearly every house is carpeted here.


Much of the consistency of dust is dead skin cells mixed with dirt and micro-organisms. Think of it as clothing you walk on for years. I wouldn't credit it with that many health problems because your are hit all day long with bacteria, dust mites, pollen and dirt. In that area, it is where The War of The Worlds holds some credibility. We are hit with so much random shit daily, that we have built a defense to minor insults of it. With that in mind, I wouldn't worry about it much but would always consider shallow carpet over those shag rugs they used to throw on the floor in the 60's.


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