Ruglayers Return ala 5/3/1

Well, I think I can finally make it back to the forum. Been busy with life the last couple of years. Still training. Just not finding time to post. So, now I’m back. Whoop Whoop. I finally got down to 192 and stayed there for the last 2 yrs. That is where I want to stay. As my weight dropped, from 230 or so 2 yrs ago to 192, I’ve been able to maintain my sucky 315 bench. Squats and Deads are another matter. I now have an arthritic, degenerating hip joint and I have to be real careful how I put stress on it.

I’ve already been told that it will most likely have to be replaced. I’m hoping not for at least 10 yrs or so. I squat, front and back, to a box just above parallel. Deads have to be done with a trap bar. My numbers suck but I no longer care. I’m not in pain and am still doing the lifts. Can’t do any type of leg press though. Currently using the 27 week BBB template in the new Beyond 5/3/1. 4 days a week.

Week 1

Bench 5’s 175x5, 205x5 230x7, 135X10x5
Accessory work with a Football Bar and HS Iso Row High 205x6x4, Low 125x6x4

Front Squat 5’s 115x5, 130x5, 150x7, 90x10x5
Accessory work Squats, Extensions, Curls
Weighted Planks with wife on back

Log Press 5’s 100x5, 120x5, 135x7, 80x10x5
Accessory work Facepulls, Cable Tris, chinsx3x22

Trap Bar Dead 5’s 150x5, 170x5 195x7,5,5,5
Accessory work

Week 2

Jan 3 2014
Bench 3’s 190x3, 215x3 245x5, 135X10x5
Accessory work with a Football Bar and HS Iso Row High 205x7x8, Low 125x7x8

Jan 4 2014
Front Squat 3’s 125x3, 140x3, 160x5, 90x10x5
Accessory work Squats, Extensions, Curls

welcome back …wow its been awhile…hope you and yours are well

Hello stranger…

Welcome back!

Good to see you back RL.

C1 Week 2

Because of work and weather, crammed 3 days into 1. Skipped accessory work.

Jan 10 2014
Log Press 3’s 190x3, 215x3 245x5, 135X10x5
Trap Bar Deads 3’s 165x3, 185x3, 205x5

C1 Week 3
Front Squat 5/3/1 130x5x 150x3, 165x1(3)

Jan 11 2014
Bench 5/3/1 205x5, 230x3, 255x1(3)

Accessory work
Football Bar 135x10x4, Krocs 85x10x5, Pulldowns 160x7x4