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Ruggers Unite!

Post who you play for
Which position

Weight and major lift stats!

University of St. Thomas Blue Ox RFC - Union rules
Flanker or 8-man

Currently between 213 and 215 pounds

Bench- 255
Squat- around 375, not quite sure
Deadlift- around 500, probably less right now since I’ve been in season for a while.

Ready go!

Stopped playing this year after 5 years, so I’ll list my best achievements while I was playing.

Club: Gordon Rugby Union Club
Position: Flanker, 8, Lock, Loosehead and Tighthead Prop
6’, 100kg (220)

Snatch: 90kg (200)
Powerclean: 100kg (220)
Squat: 175kg (385)
Bench: 125kg (275)
Deadlift: 210kg (460)

I managed to survive an entire season at prop in the under-20’s against good quality opposition thanks to technique (and a 4*130kg goodmorning). Ah, now I’m done reminiscing!

My school I think is getting a Rugby team next year, can’t weight to try out if it’s true.

Dave, University of Exeter Rugby League, Wing/centre/hooker,

Weight 76kg this morning, best lifts:

Bench: 135kg, 110x8

Front Squat: 140kg, 130kgx3

Deadlift: 210kg

in between teams right now, but in previous seasons played for Queen’s University
6’ 208lbs.
bench: 275
squat: 355
deadlift: 385

So to play rugby you must bench 275 :slight_smile:

First year player, at age 41
Dayton Area Rugby Club - Flying Pigs
5’11 @ 230 at beginning of summer training, 215 now.

Still trying to find where I fit in best. Played some loosehead prop, some blind side flanker, and mostly lock due to a lot of team injuries. I think flanker will be my more “natural” position.

best lifts (not close to these right now, raw, incl no belt FWIW)
Squat - 425 (gym lift)
Bench - 320 (NASA meet)
Bench - 350 (gym lift, no pause, no bounce)
Dead - 440 (NASA meet)

I ruptured my left distal bicep tendon in a game in late Sep. Surgery 1 Oct, rehabbing well, but obviously weak a hell.

Love the game and the loonies that play it. Wish I had found it sooner. Can’t wait to get back out there.


Played for over 20 years

Played at county level for colts (U19) which is one step away from National team

Currently at Pinley RFC in the UK

Its a small local socially orientated club, due to family and work commitments I struggle to play every week which is a shame.

Played Full back/scrum half/flyhalf

Normally kicker

At 32 I am 5’ 4" and weigh 180lbs

I dont so a great deal of compound exersise and have never competed that way so my stats would be very poor if I tried. my bench is at 80 kilos I know that much, not massive I know but…

at 32 I can still run the 100 metres in 11.5 seconds and would run 6 rings round all of you big strong buggers :slight_smile:

played for SUNY Albany, NY for 4 yrs, just graduated in may

flanker, lock

6’1 185lbs

squat 405
bench 315
dl 535

Jay, Providence RFC
Prop or lock
6’2" 235lbs right now

Best lifts (not current due to several injuries over the past year and a half):
Bench: 265x5
Deadlift: 405x3
Squat: 315 (never been good at squatting)
Clean: 245
100m: let’s just say electric_eales could probably be changed out of his kit and in the pub before I finished. Unless there was a pint and some wings at the end, then I could probably break 12 seconds.

Hooker, Denver Barbarians
6’0, 205lbs (down from 225)

Clean: 275
Bench: 265
Front Squat: 335
Box Squat: 465 (just hit a few days ago)
No idea on deads, haven’t DL maxed in ages

University of Nevada, Reno - Hooker
20 years old, 5’8, 220 lbs

push press - 269.5 lbs
hang clean - 302.5 lbs
front squat - 401.5 lbs

Any guys from Detroit? I forgot to mention we came over to Detroit for a Rugby tour ermmm I think it was 1996 ill have to check.

We cot proper hammered by the way, most of or guys were over 35 not very fit and smoked and drank a lot it was really hot at the time and all the Detriot players were 20 year old meat heads jit and fast as fuck!

We won the all drinking games though easy