Ruger 5.7: Reviews? Thoughts?

Don’t need. Do want. Any have any experience with it?

It’s chambered for 5.7x28mm, kind of an oddball. Big debate about whether it’s worthy for self-defense. Some stats:

“The 5.7x28mm is a small bottleneck cartridge known for its relatively high muzzle velocity. Known for mild recoil, fast follow-up shots, and flat trajectory.”

I believe this is Ruger’s version ($750 to $800-ish) of the FN 5.7 ($1300-ish).

The Ruger is a 20+1, which is kinda cool.


Here’s one review:

Did some work with the Norwegians in Baghdad, who were issued the FN 5.7, I was able to spend some range time with them and they were gracious enough to let me train with the pistol. Some thoughts:

The FN (no experience shooting the Ruger) is a big pistol and I had to shift my grip to reach the magazine release. The recoil is like shooting a .22 but the muzzle is quite the flame thrower and operating the pistol in low light conditions means a loss of night vision. The round itself is fast and we shot some old armor and it penetrated well, however, the bullet is fragile, breaks up easily. Talking about the soft nose here, not, the FMJ.

A good round for using in apartments, I carried a P-90 on swat for that reason. In civilian life, the FN is just too big for my hands for operating in a critical event, plus, the 5.7 round is extremely expensive and unless you have access to unlimted ammo funds, you training and plinking will cost you a lot. Just my experience.

A friend had the FN and I really liked it. It was a fun pistol, but the ammo is pricey. Kinda reminded me of 17hmr, loud and fast for what it is. Haven’t so much as held the Ruger though. If the ammo was cheaper, id consider it.

Very helpful. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

Haven’t had one in my hands yet. Had an issue with reaching the mag release with previous full-sized Rugers.

Ammo cost is certainly a consideration these days! And I would get into trouble with a 20-round mag and low recoil.

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Can someone explain why one would want a round like that for a pistol? It seems like to utilize a more rifle style round you would need a longer barrel? If you just wanted low recoil, a 22lr or 22 mag would be similar I would think?

This is a high velocity round and packs much more of a punch than a 22LR. I hated the gun personally due to the size of the grip (very wide due to the length of the round). I sold mine as I could never get accurate with it plus the cost of the ammo.


Interesting. So you get the punch due to velocity, but not much kick due to the bullet being light?

It probably isn’t for me. If I get another handgun it will probably be something simple with cheap rounds.

It was developed as low recoil high velocity round to defeat body armor.


Instructor at my gun range calls it his “zombie apocalypse gun”. Everyone knows you want a flat-shooting round with light recoil for faster follow-ups, but with enough velocity to penetrate zombie brain. Fresh zombies aren’t mushy yet. This is my logic and I’m stickin’ to it.

I’d want something with a silencer, a super common round, with a high capacity and reliable. This is only based on my current knowledge of zombie apocalypses though.

You have a point, especially with sound-attracted zombies. I’d go with something like a Ruger 22/45 Tactical, which is silencer ready.

Or the Ruger Charger if you pick up a lot of high-cap magazines.


I think for the job at hand those would be better.

I always saw it as a plot hole in those movies / shows that with 99.9% of the population converted to zombies that nobody could find a silencer or just make one. I mean a 2 liter bottle with paper towels stuffed into it, and duct taped to the end of the barrel would drastically reduce the sound.

You sound like a Max Brooks fan.

I like his dad. I am not super familiar with him or his work though? I am assuming lots of zombie stuff?

What you wrote is almost word from word from this book, haha


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I have not read that book. Does he recommend finding the silencer or making one?

Both. Like I said: it read almost word for word, haha. It’s been out for a while now: the ideas have most likely permeated pop-culture.

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This is controversial in the zombie-fighting world, but Brooks notes that “blades don’t run out of ammo.” However, he recommends a machete.

Problem is, 99% of today’s machetes are thin and fragile. A zombie cervical spine or two would ruin the average machete, if we’re going with the “must stop brain activity” theory.

So I’d recommend leveling up to something like the Tops CUMA Kage.

(This thread is now officially more fun than the original topic.)

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Lets not forget sub sonic rounds. Suppressors are a great idea for stealthy zombie combat, but you cant be breaking the sound barrier.

What ever you use, make it fmj for penetration at subsonic velocities.

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