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After reading through various posts around this site for a while, I've noticed that quite a few of you guys are rugby players. I enjoy the sport as it truly is a kick ass game, however I'm contemplating a possible stint with the crew team to try something new.

Considering that I will still be active within the gym in addition to conditioning and practices, which sport do you all think would be better for overall gains to go along with my workouts?


crew would not be consistant with trying to pack on as much mass as humanly possible.

rugby is usually followed by beer and song.

Which one fits your goal?


The song and beer after a game of rugby (and occasionly throughout during some scrimmages) are great. I'm looking for a bit more leanness overall but am not one of those guys who will sacrifice size simply for the chizzled look. if anything, strength and mass is most importance considering my performance depends on knocking the other guy down.


I'd really like to help...BUT...I don't understand what the hell you are talking about....I obviously need my American to Australian Rugby Dictionary.

  1. What do you mean by crew team...is this some sort of gay thing?...some sort of alternative lifestyle choice? Please explain?

  2. What the hell does this mean


I played rugby for a top Brittish High School and will hopeful play college rugby next year but I have no idea what you're talking about?

I wish I can be of help,



I think by "crew team" he means rowing?

Sounds like a big change in focus to me...is this a long term proposition, or just something to try?


I really fail to see the draw from Rugby to crew. Many good Rugby players for some reason have been caught up in the ludacris faggotry that is otherwise known as competitive rowing.

Maybe crew would be the right choice if you're looking to become a cashmere sweater wearing sissy or a schoolboy bitch.

Otherwise I'd stick with Rugby.


Yes, what a gay sport rowing is, not that there is anything wrong with it.

Mate, you can also try out spinning and yoga, I heard rugby players do well in them.



Yeah, virtually everyone I've known who rowed, in high school, college, and grad school, was somewhere along the spectrum from "kinda gay" to "Elton John gay." It's boring too. I tried it once, briefly, long time ago, you just sit in a boat and sometimes pull an oar. There's no ball, no score, and definitely no contact. Why the hell would you want to do that?


My sister did crew in college.

She was sick of being hit on by all the lesbians.

She said the men rowers were all tall, fit, handsome and also gay.

Play rugby or row. Whatever floats your boat.


My sister played rugby in college.

She was sick of being hit on by all the lesbians.

Rugby86, stick with the rugby. It'll make a man out of you.


haha That's all the information i needed my friends. For the non-americans, yes crew is rowing in long boats. It was just something I was considering to see which would be better for me. But at the risk of turning into a faggoty sister dike, I'll most assuredly get that notion out of my head and resume some rugby.


Rugby is fantastic.

Also, if you want to sample water sports that give your muscles a workout, skip the crew and go kayaking.


If it's water you want....try water polo....it's just rugby in a pool.


Just watch out for the "squirrel grips" in water polo, I've heard they happen a bit more frequently than in a rugby ruck!


Play rugby. You can't tackle someone in a boat.


He could always give surf boat rowing a go!



forget rowing mate.


Rugby will always be the winner, unless of course you happen to be the current Australian team.


I've always wondered about the dancing. What's the deal with that? Is done before and after every match or just occasionally?